Should I pray for that, too?

“Suppose a parcel came to us, and it should prove difficult to untie the knot, and you cannot cut it; then you should ask God to help you, even to untie the knot.”

  • George Muller, Address to Young Converts

The majority of the life of a believer is made up of small circumstances and situations. Our character is not so much developed by our responses during times of crisis, but by our responses to the ordinary. Every small thing in our life presents us with another opportunity to draw closer to God, another opportunity to fellowship with Him. Each time I am faced with a new situation, or a difficult circumstance, I am presented with an opportunity for growth and a deeper relationship with God. If I have not experienced the joys of daily communication with God during the ordinary, it will become difficult to pray with faith in the day of crisis. If I have not experienced the blessings of God’s consistent answer to prayer in trivial matters, it becomes difficult to expect His answer in times of urgency.

Faith is not built so much during times of great personal struggle, but in commonplace day to day communication with Him. If we become accustomed to expecting and experiencing His help in little things, we will have laid a foundation that will give us the faith to expect and experience His help in the big things. When the bible tells us to “pray without ceasing,” I don’t think it means that we are to spend the entire day in our prayer closets, on our knees.  I think it means that we are to take to Him each aspect of our every day lives. To live by the adage: “if it’s important to me, it’s important to God.” Bill Johnson once said: “Show me a man who prays when things are going well, and I will show you a man who knows how to handle a crisis when it comes” (paraphrase [1]). George Muller states: “There is nothing too little to pray about. In the simplest things connected with our daily life and walk, we should give ourselves to prayer; and we shall have the living, loving Lord Jesus to help us. Even in the most trifling matters I give myself to prayer and often in the morning, even ere I leave my room, I have two or three answers to prayer in this way.” (2) It is not merely acceptable to ask for God’s help in finding our shoes or opening the jelly jar, it’s essential. Our relationship with God will grow exponentially as we learn to take even the smallest matters to Him in prayer. Our faith will increase, our wisdom will multiply, and the Fruits of the Spirit will be further manifested in our lives.

“And truly, our partnership is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.” (1 John 1:3)

1.) Bill Johnson, in a sermon entitled “Enduring Faith”

2.) George Muller, Address to Young Converts, printed in HeartCry Missionary Society, September – October 2005, pg 29.

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