Adventures in Homemaking – Making Butter

1-a-butter0Today, we made our own butter!!! I can’t begin to express how exciting this was – I don’t think I’ve had so much fun with a domestic undertaking since I made my very first batch of challah bread! I had no idea how to make butter, but I was surprised by how easy it was once I got the knack of it (thanks, Michelle and Tracey for the instructions!!!) And, of course, I documented the WHOLE thing! So… here’s how we did it:

First, I poured about two cups of fresh cream into the blender. I turned the blender on the HIGH setting and waited. And took pictures, of course…


Looks a lot like milk in a blender. :)

But it quickly turned into whipped cream, and then started to get frothy and a little “chunky”…


I started to check it more frequently at this point, and when the sound of the blender began to change, I opened the lid to find this…


At this point, I made the mistake of continuing to blend the butter and it all became the consistency of whipped cream again. Ooops! I called my friend who told me to put it back in with the rest of the cream and start over. So… I repeated the process until it became the solid consistency again…


I then strained it (my directions said to use cheesecloth but I didn’t have any and the strainer worked just fine).


I took the leftover curds (are they called curds???) and transferred them to another bowl. I then poured a few cups of water over these “curds” and kneaded them for a few seconds, until they formed a solid lump. Then I strained the water off and repeated this a few times until the butter ran clear (my directions said I could do this in the blender, but I wanted to do it by hand instead.)


I then added a little bit of salt (about a teaspoon for a pound of butter) and molded the butter into sticks. The final result:


Homemade Butter!!!

And, fresh buttermilk!


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