Creating a Life of Beauty


I visited the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen today and there is really no way to describe how it affected me. Every picture, every post, seemed to reach out and touch my heart. This beautiful family, living in their beautiful home, surrounded by beautiful land, creating beautiful things… knitting and sewing, cooking and building. A family so connected, so close, so loving toward one another that it shines over all their faces. If God had asked me to paint a picture of the life I’ve always wanted, I couldn’t do any better than some of the photos I saw on this blog. And I found myself crying out to the Lord: “I want that some day!” And in the still, small voice, I heard God answer me:

This isn’t something given, it’s something that is made.

And then, I looked more closely.

I saw the everyday, made lovely by warm and caring hands. A bit of lace hung tastefully over a window. A mason jar, filled with fresh flowers. A porch, swept clean and pleasantly arranged. Little girls wearing dresses with matching pinafores; bright, clean faces and braided hair.

This beautiful life I saw in pictures was the work of loving hands, carefully tending the blessings of God. And suddenly I realized that this life is meant for me, as well. I, too, can choose to tend what God has given me, and create beauty out of the ordinary. I can choose to stop waiting for the perfect life to somehow find me, and begin to live it now. What do I want my “perfect life” to look like?

I want to live somewhere beautiful.
I can make my home more beautiful.

I want to live in a larger house.
I can make better use of my space.

I want my children to have beautiful clothes.
I can learn to make them.

I want my family to eat nutritious, healthy meals.
I can learn to cook them.

I want to have livestock and a large garden.
I can start a small garden, and tend to my chickens.

I want to be close to my husband and children.
I can draw closer to them.

I want my children to enjoy being with me.
I can enjoy being with my children.

I want my children to love God.
I can display God’s love toward them.

I can live the way I want to live, and choose my path in life.
And so tomorrow I will find a way to add beauty to my home. I will ask a friend to teach me how to sew. I will find a new recipe. I will play with my children. I will serve my husband willingly and cheerfully. And I will thank God for the life I am living – my perfect, blessed life.

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2 Responses to Creating a Life of Beauty

  1. Emily says:

    I found your site through the Simple Woman’s Daybook. As I was reading over some of your post I read what you said about the Eyes of Wonder blog. I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and literally wanted to cry for the longing that I have for that kind of life. I began crying out to God to help me with my desire for simplicity and for the love that that family shares. This post of yours meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God truly used you to speak to my heart. As I prayed for that kind of life I just keep feeling the Lord say “Use what you’ve got”. And that is just what I have been doing.

    My life is far from what I want but I can make the most of what I have. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Rina says:

      Emily, I’m so blessed to know that God used this post to confirm in you what He’s been speaking in your heart. Thank you for sharing that with me. As you’ve read, I felt the same longing when I read the Eyes of Wonder blog… I believe that God is using her site to touch the lives of SO MANY women, and I’m grateful that she’s had the courage to open her life up in that way. I visited your site and I absolutely love it… I really look forward to visiting there often.

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