New Friends

Dessert, all the way from... Out of Town

Dessert, all the way from… Out of Town


I don’t usually write much here about other people, as I never feel comfortable publicizing my friends, but our newest friends have given me free license to write about them I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity!!!

Brian, Alan, and Tracy

Brian, Alan, and Tracy

We met Brian and Tracy at a Bill Johnson service. They had been seated several rows in front of us but noticed us because… well, I don’t think we’re very easy to miss. We’re a family of seven, and the girls and I wear headcoverings. Actually, come to think of it, most of the time we go to church services we’re one of only a few couples who bring their children, which is really a shame but I’ll save that sermon for another post. :) Anyway, one of the neat things about the way we met is that when Brian introduced himself to me (this was at the end of the church service, and my husband was a few rows behind me, talking with a friend), he felt God prompting him to get our contact information. Concerned about the propriety of this, however, he refrained from asking me for my telephone number. :) But as soon as he walked away, God spoke to MY heart and I knew that I needed to give him our contact information. For obvious reasons, I didn’t feel too comfortable about chasing after him to give him my phone number, so I grabbed my husband and let him know what I’d felt, who then caught up with Brian and gave him our information. We didn’t find out until later that God had been prompting both of us in this direction, and I’m glad we didn’t miss the call.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure we’d ever hear from them again but only a few days later, Brian sent us an email and we’ve been corresponding ever since. It wasn’t long before we invited them over and were excited when they immediately began making plans to come (they live over 100 miles from us, so this was a big deal!) As I mentioned previously, the visit was extremely comfortable despite the fact that we’d only just met and the thing I loved most was that our conversation immediately went in a spiritual direction and stayed there for the rest of the day. I don’t want to downplay the importance of the mundane… often are the times when I’ve lamented not having more friendships with people whom I can call “just to talk”… but it is so exciting to meet people who are “on fire” for God. Alan, one of our very best friends, was also there with us and many times during our visit it was like we were having a little bible study. (Alan is another amazing person in our lives… he’s been our best friend for years, and I’ll have to see if I can get his permission to blog about him some day. Oh, the stories I could tell!!! :))

Brian and Tracy revealed some things that really ministered to me, personally, during their visit as well. We are firm believers in the prophetic giftings, and that God speaks to His people. Brian told us many things that God had revealed to him that touched me deeply. I’m not yet ready to blog about most of that in a public way, however, so I will “hide them in my heart” for now. But I can say that both Jon and I really feel as if the Lord has brought this couple into our lives for a reason and we’re very excited about the prospect of further blessings to come. We also both feel that God has big plans ahead for them, and we’re hopeful that we will get to watch those plans come to fruition. And I can’t wait to introduce them to our other friends… I know they’ll hit it off right away.

My husband and I stayed up for a little while after they left, talking about how blessed we’d been by their visit. At one point my husband said to me, “I knew you really liked them when you gave them a standing invitation to come back.” How well he knows me! There are very few people who have this kind of open invitation into our lives. Whether for good or for bad, I am naturally a very private person when it comes to my home and my children. Jon and I have many acquaintances but few friends. I pray that we will all become better friends in the months (and years?) to come and am hopeful that we’ll soon have the chance to introduce them to the other “standing invitations” in our lives.

Well, forgive me if I’ve run on about things that are mostly personal and probably aren’t interesting to anyone other than me. But I’ve met some new friends, and in MY little corner of the blogosphere, that’s worth a post or two! :)


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2 Responses to New Friends

  1. Mrs. Parunak says:

    I’m so happy to hear that your meal came off so nicely (except for the butter–what happened???). What a tremendous blessing to have been given friends like that! It’s like a little taste of the fellowship of heaven.

    • Rina says:

      Thanks! With the butter…. I’m still trying to get the timing of that right… I kept letting it go in the blender just a LITTLE too long. After the fourth try, I gave it up. :)