Sunday Linkage

Jewels, over at Eyes of Wonder has posted again!  Jewels posts are few and far between and I consider myself truly blessed when she takes the time to give an update.  You can read her latest blog entry Here

Here are some other posts I’ve been blessed by this week:

Thank you, Jesus! An amazing testimony of a former athiest who “met” God on his way to commit suicide.  An incredible story.

His Sexuality – Advice for Wives… God says that our bodies are to be used to comfort and complete our spouse.  If our attitude about having sex comes down to only what we need, then we don’t have God’s perspective.

Humility with Cream Sauce … “Joseph’s steady diet of humiliation produced in him the humility to go before Pharaoh and give God the glory when a lesser man might have been tempted to snatch up the glory for himself.”

Ministering to Others … How Moms can bless single women – by allowing them to bless us!  The last paragraph focuses on how we as married women can bless the single women around us.  Sometimes, allowing others to bless us is just as important as being a blessing to others.

Reason 824 to get your kids out of public school … “The public school system is being forced to be neutral to the extent that talking about the traditional family will, by default, be *discrimination.*”

Gods Word … Finding ways to share God’s word with our children

Training Cheerful Children … How to encourage cheerfulness in our little ones.

They Call it Puppy Love … A sweet example of a man who clearly has his daughters heart.

Lessons Motherhood Has Taught Me … a fun look into the more educational side of motherhood

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3 Responses to Sunday Linkage

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Rina. I know what you mean about reading through bloglines or other blog subscribers. I have found myself to be confused as well. Just for the record, my blog used to be called Whatsoever Things, which I really liked until I found another blog that had the same name. : (

    I was going to email you and let you know that Eyes of Wonder had a new post. I was sooo excited to see it. Also the Training of Cheerful children was a great post too. Thanks for sharing.


    • Rina says:

      Thanks, Emily, I felt really bad about that!
      And thanks for thinking of me about Jewels’ update… her pictures always speak to my heart in such a powerful way. I’m so glad she’s still blogging!

  2. Erika says:

    What wonderful blogs you’ve shared here, most of them are new to me, so what a great treasure trove!