Thursday’s Thought – Billy Graham on Evangelism

In response to a question regarding the ability of a handful of early disciples to “turn the world upside down” while millions of Christians today “can’t even keep it right side up,” Billy Graham gave the following response:

“The early Christians didn’t conform their faith to match the world; they changed the world to match their faith. They had the truth, and they refused to water it down. They held the faith that would not compromise…

The words of the apostle Paul, ‘Be not conformed to this world,’ have tremendous significance and meaning for us today. These words cut like a sharp sword across our way of life. They are not comfortable words. They separate the weak from the strong. But they are words of inspiration and challenge, and we need to hear them and heed them today.”

– Billy Graham, Billy Graham Answers Your Questions, World Wide Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, pg 123-124

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4 Responses to Thursday’s Thought – Billy Graham on Evangelism

  1. momstheword says:

    Billy Graham has such wisdom, which is given to him by God.

    I think the best thing the enemy has ever done is to make Christian’s comfortable with their faith. To make us believe that “someone else” will do the job.

    To make us uncomfortable talking about something to someone, and fear of being pushy. While I don’t think we need to be pushy we do need to be aware of opportunitities the Lord brings!

    About the pictures, I have seen many blogs where people show pictures of their children, and some who don’t. Some of the ones who do use fake names for their kids, and some use real names.

    I just published a picture of our family for the first time, although my kids are much older.

    Mckmama ( has always fiercely protected her kids names, although she publishes pictures. However, since the illness of Stellan her name has come out and she’s been on the news, but I don’t think that she’s had any trouble with that.

    • Rina says:

      mstheword, thanks for your imput on the pictures. My concern isn’t so much regarding kidnapping or people knowing WHO my children are, it’s in people taking our pictures and putting them up on pedoph.ilia type websites. I’ve heard a lot of stories of this happening – I even know of one blogger who has found head shots of her child pasted to the body of another child. This kind of thing just gives me the creeps and my husband and I still don’t feel completely safe about this. We’re continuing to pray about it, though.

  2. Erika says:

    I absolutely love that quote!

  3. Mrs. Parunak says:

    Great quote. People are so afraid that if they don’t look like the world, the world won’t like them enough to want to be Christians. Trouble is, if Christians are just like the world why would anyone need the Lord? He obviously doesn’t make any difference in anyone’s life.