May 11, 2009


Outside my window

The kids have been digging holes in the yard lately and recently while playing in the hose they discovered something really great. Big hole + lots of water = a really great mud puddle! 







I am thankful for… A husband who doesn’t mind a little bit, a lot, huge craters full of mud in the yard.  :)

From the learning rooms… I found some more books I love!  They’re by Kathryn Andrews Fincher and are called God Has a Plan For Little Girls and God Has a Plan For Little Boys.  They “tell the stories of inspiring [men and]women of faith who understood from an early age that God had a plan for them and lived lives still worth modeling today. The character traits of obedience, selflessness, dedication, devotion, courage, perseverance, and forgiveness are highlighted in the lives of Mother Teresa, Ruby Bridges, Corrie ten Boom, [King David, Eric Liddell, Martin Luther King, Jr.,] and others.”  I’ve only flipped through them, but from what I’ve seen they’re wonderful and I can’t wait to buy them!

From the kitchen… When Bitty makes a sandwich:


I am going… Absolutely NOWHERE this week! We’ve had a series of extremely busy weeks and I’m so ready to just stay at home!  I’m planning to take turns with my husband sleeping in and taking naps and sitting around on the couch doing absolutely nothing.  :)

I am reading… A series of historical fiction books by Gilbert Morris.  His books are filled with wonderful tidbits about the lives of men such as William Tyndale, John Bunyan, John Wesley, and I’ve really enjoyed them.

I am praying… Oh, all kinds of things.  :)  For my brother who recently hurt his leg during a baseball game, for my friend who recently got a job but is six months pregnant and has not yet told her employer (praying for wisdom and God’s timing in that situation, as well as mercy from her boss!), and for my youngest daughter who is having some potty training difficulties… among other things.

I am hearing… silence (it’s early in the morning and the kids are still sleeping)

Around the house…

Cubbie had her kittens… I’m not sure whether to I should celebrate or cry over that.  ;)


One of my favorite things… check out what my step-mom gave to me!!!


Here is a picture thought I am sharing…



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9 Responses to May 11, 2009

  1. Karinann says:

    The mud looks like tons of fun(not sure about the cleanup though :)

    • Rina says:

      Don’t feel guilty, Meghann, it was my husband who let them play in the mud – NOT ME! LOL. Karinann, thankfully he also helped with the cleanup. :)
      Zoe… would you be interested in adopting a kitten? ;)

  2. zoe says:

    That kitten is adorable and I just found my tripod in our shed the other day. I thought someone had borrowed it, didn’t know I still had it.

  3. Your children sure do look like they are having a lot of fun! Mine did that recently with some puddles from the rain, though I did not let them get as dirty…now I’m feeling like a guilty mom not allowing them to be kids! :( I’ll do better now that you have inspired me to ‘loosen’ up!

  4. Mrs. Parunak says:

    I love those mud puddle action shots. I, too, am feeling a touch convicted about being too fastidious…

    And, this is totally unrelated, but I must tell you that we got ten meat chickens this week! It’ll be an experiment to see how raising chickens (and slaughtering them) goes. I hope our neighbors aren’t too upset.

  5. Mrs. Parunak says:

    They’re chicks, just starting to get their feathers, and growing like weeds. :)

    And our newest addition is wonderful beyond words!

  6. Jerri says:

    Awesome pictures Rina! I love the look of sheer joy on your kids faces!