A VERY Handsome Man

This week, my husband let me do my first ever photo shoot with him.  He’s a man who doesn’t like to be in front of the camera much, but for all that I think the results were great!  What do you think?









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4 Responses to A VERY Handsome Man

  1. Jo says:

    I love all the different grey tones in the first one: the shirt, the tree, the hair, even the guitar. It leaves his face to be the star.

    Ok. If you’re looking for helpful criticism, I think you upped the contrast a little too much in 4.10. The grass looks funny to me, as do the knobby things(?) on the end of the guitar. I also really like the closeup of the hand strumming the guitar, and I think it would be even better if the hand were in better focus. And I think the one with the flowers isn’t cropped to its best advantage. Ok. Enough of that.

    Love the pictures. I bet your husband won’t be so reluctant to be in front of your camera (or your software) now that he sees what you can do!!

  2. Rina says:

    Jo, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your input!!! I agree with you about 4.10. I was trying to do something creative with an otherwise bad picture but I don’t think it was terribly helpful. :) Closeup of the hand: I TOTALLY agree… I was using fill flash with the portraits and didn’t change my shutter speed when I took that picture. Still learning. :) Flowers… I didn’t have much room to work with (I got too close with my camera) but I would like to know… how would you crop it differently? Where would you place his face (upper third line, middle line, lower right, etc.) One of the things I’m still working on is COMPOSITION. I usually take pictures from somewhat far away and crop to my hearts content in lightroom, but I’ve found that this lowers the quality of the print if I’m doing anything in an 8×10 or larger. So I’m trying to compose my shots in-camera and finding it’s not nearly as easy for me!
    PLEASE keep your comments coming – I love hearing what I could do differently! And you absolutely CANNOT offend me. Even negative comments have positive results if it makes me a better photographer!
    Thank you so very much.

  3. Jo says:

    Rina, I’m no expert, either! I’m beginning to dabble in photography for the same reason you did: I want to take better pictures of my kids. As for composition and cropping, it’s much easier to criticize than to create!! ;) That said, I usually go for something near to the rule of thirds. I think that in the flowers picture, I would crop out most of the stuff above his head to bring his face nearer to the top third. The picture is about the man, not the flowers. Again, that’s just what I would do. For the record, I think 4.10 has very nice composition.

    • Rina says:

      Jo, for me – in that moment – the picture really was about the flowers. We don’t have many flowers in our yard and in a really secluded spot at the corner of our yard there is a wall of flowers that I’d never noticed before. So I really wanted to get him in the middle of them all. Having said that, however, I played around with the picture a bit and totally think you’re right – it looks much better if I put him on an upper third. It will cut out most of the flowers because the way I composed the shot in-camera doesn’t give me a lot of room to place him on an upper third, but it makes for a stronger photo. Thank you so much for your input on this!
      Oh, and funny you should mention the composition in 4.10 because I wasn’t sure about it! Glad to know you like it. :)