Of all the embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying situations I’ve ever gotten myself into…

I know that I can be a little scatterbrained on occasion.  I know that I don’t have the best memory in the world.  But of all the embarrassing, humiliating situations my absent-mindedness has ever gotten me into, I can’t think of anything that tops this:

I drove two hours away from home yesterday to do a photo shoot with a complete stranger on the wrong day.

Seriously.  Seriously?!  WHO DOES THAT???

I showed up on my clients doorstep without a care in the world, greeted her with an enthusiastic “Hi!  You look just like your pictures!” and waited for her to smile and say “come on in!”  Instead, I was greeted with a puzzled expression and the question: “are you Rina?”  Um… yes?  Who else were you expecting?  As it turns out, she wasn’t expecting ANYBODY because I wasn’t supposed to get there until TODAY.

Really a shining moment in my career.

My would-be client was SO INCREDIBLY nice about it all, though.  She decided to put away any plans she might have had for that afternoon and drove me around to all the locations that she wanted to photograph and we had such a nice time.  She even took me to dinner afterward!  And if I was ever nervous about the shoot before (I always tend to get a little nervous before-hand) I can honestly say that I’m not the least bit nervous anymore.  We’re old friends by now!

But can someone PLEASE tell me that they’ve done something equally embarrassing?  Please?!

Misery (or in this case, mortification) really loves company.


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10 Responses to Of all the embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying situations I’ve ever gotten myself into…

  1. tracey says:

    Um, yea… to clients…..too often……..

    • Rina says:

      Oh my gosh, you guys are making me feel SO much better… those stories are SO FUNNY!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with me… the ACTUAL photo shoot went great, BTW. I’m sure I’ll blog about it some time, but I’m too tired to make the effort right now. :)

  2. momstheword says:

    Oh yeah. In order to stay home (after our oldest was born) I used to do in-home parties. I went to one gal’s house and when she opened the door I recognized her, and said “Hi!” and went into her home and started to set up for the party.

    I noticed she was acting rather quiet but didn’t think much about it. So I got most of my stuff set up, and she said “Is this a joke?”

    Turns out that I was at the wrong house. Her house was the exact same house as the one next door (built by the same builder) and the colors were identical and everything. I had gone to the wrong house.

    We couldn’t figure out why I recognized her until she mentioned that she was a waitress at a restaurant that my hubby and I (and friends) used to love to frequent on Sundays after church….until baby was born and we had to watch our money, lol!

    I asked her why she let me set up, and she said that she thought her hubby was playing a practical joke on her. I was then late to the actual party because I had to tear everything down and set it back up next door, lol!

    Also, we had a couple that we invited to dinner but they wrote it down wrong on their calendar. We made the dinner and they never showed. Eventually, I called to see if everything was o.k. but noone was home.

    They did call later and apologized and we had a good laugh. But then I had to cook another big dinner the next week, lol!

  3. Mrs. Parunak says:

    How’s this? We had done a wedding, and had an appointment all set up with the couple to go over their proof book and plan their album. My husband arrived, expecting the couple to have a good idea of what pictures they liked and where they wanted them in their album, etc. But when he arrived, it became clear that they didn’t have their proof book. At first, they assumed it had been stolen out of their mailbox, since things like that had happened before. We magnanimously offered them a new one at our cost (because we bend over backwards for customer service and all). They were so grateful. But when we went to order the “second” proof book, we realized what had happened. Their book hadn’t been stolen. We had forgotten to order it. Yup. Then we had to call them and tell them what we’d done. My husband made that call. He’s my knight in shining armor.

  4. janetmzach says:

    I am using your reflection on Romans 8 in a devotional I was asked to give at a church meeting tomorrow.

    I have also been a photographer and I think you are taking the miscommunication that lead to your showing up a day early too hard. This could happen to anyone and often does — in all kinds of situations! Be kind to yourself, sister!


    • Rina says:

      Jan, thank you for letting me know that you’re using what I wrote on Romans 8… I’m honored! And thank you for your kind words about my embarrassing day – between your encouragement and that of others who have shared with me here and on facebook, I’m feeling much better about it!

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