What is Photo Editing?

Photo editing is extensive and can include anything from changing color hues, removing blemishes, whitening teeth, slimming down unattractive body parts and adding special color effects or converting to black and white, sepia, etc.  Every single image is edited differently and most of our images go through two different rounds of editing. The first round of editing is where we make minor changes to the image.  The second round of editing is where we remove blemishes, soften skin, slim down body parts, etc. as needed.  This is done to each print you order from our website.

To give an example, the following images are pictures before editing and after editing. In these examples, the “unedited” photo is the image straight out of the camera, the “proof” photo is the photo after the first round of editing, and the “edited” photo is the image after extensive retouching work that we use for prints, albums, canvases, etc.



As you can see, the process that each image goes through before printing is very skilled work and can take hours to complete. This is why our prints are more expensive than those you can get at Wal-Mart or any other one-hour photo place.  Discount chains make their money on volume, not on customized 1:1 service.  At the one-hour photo place, images are printed on low-quality paper and run through generic tweaking (which usually makes time image WORSE, not better).  Images purchased directly from the photographer, however, are printed on the highest quality paper available and each picture is hand edited to remove blemishes, soften skin tones, enhance colors, etc. This requires specialized equipment and a great deal of time (usually 30-45 minutes per picture.)  The quality of our prints simply cannot be matched by one-hour printing companies.



For typical portrait photography (including family, couples, engagement, newborns, children and seniors), we retouch every photo that is ordered from our website.  In the case of weddings or portrait sessions where more than 30 prints will be ordered, we will retouch* 30 portraits of your choice, free of charge, and additional prints for $10 per picture, per edit, on up to 50 additional photos. As an additional courtesy, we will include a copy of any edited photos you order as prints in a low-resolution CD for internet sharing as part of your portrait package.

*Retouching is done at the photographers discretion and can include color effects, blemish removal, teeth whitening, and other enhancements.  Unless otherwise stated, proofs shown on our website are the final, fully retouched images.  If additional retouching or conversions to black and white, sepia, etc. on any image is requested, charges will apply.

For more information on CD’s, click HERE.

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