Bowling Green KY Senior Portrait Photographer, Bowling Green KY Senior Portrait Photography

At the beginning of our session, Kaley told me she didn’t like having her picture taken.  But it wasn’t long after we got into it, that we were both having a blast!!!  She was up for anything and everything, and since I always have to do something fun and interesting during a session, it didn’t take long before we wound up in a pond filled with lilly pads!  Thank you, Kaley, for being such an awesome sport and so fun to work with!  Here are a few of my favorites from our session…

Can you believe this is a girl who doesn’t like having her picture taken?!
On a humorous note, as our photo shoot went on toward evening, bugs were coming out EVERYWHERE.  Kaley kept telling us they were getting in her mouth, and she wasn’t kidding!

Of course, we removed the little beast from her final picture.   Because, as my mom likes to say:  “she can do ANYTHING in photoshop!”  :)

Thanks, Kaley, for making my job so much fun!

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