A Beautiful Family

One of my favorite things about my job (can you call it a job, when it’s something you love?) is all the new people I get to meet.  My husband and I both came away from this shoot saying “I wish they lived closer!”  This family was so incredibly nice, and we felt a connection with them right away.  They even invited us to stay for dinner.  :)

On a funny note, as I traveled to their beautiful home for the session, I decided to go over the names of everyone who would be in the shoot (14 in all.)  I don’t have the best memory in the world, especially when it comes to names.  To make matters worse, I’m not much better at remembering faces.  In fact, the man who used to mow our yard stopped me not long ago to when I was out with our children to say “hi.”  I had NO idea who he was.  He’d been our lawnmower guy for TWO YEARS and I didn’t recognize him!  (To my own defense, he wasn’t wearing his hat.  That makes a difference, right?  Right?!)  Yea, okay, it’s absolutely shameful.  So you can just imagine how difficult that makes things during photo shoots with large families.  Thus, I always try to memorize the names before the session.  To be honest, it has never helped, (it’s one thing to know all the names, it’s another thing entirely to know which name belongs to who,) but I always try, figuring that one day something magical will happen and it will all just “click.”  So here I was, going down the list, reading the names out loud to my husabnd: “Kristy and her husband Mike… Kelly – oh, and Kelly is Kristy’s twin sister” I stopped there when my husband groaned “Oh no!”  We both had a good chuckle over this,  and then I continued down the list… “Kelly’s husband is named Mike…”  And there I stopped, horrified, and my husband burst out laughing.  A set of twins who both have husbands named Mike!  At that point, I resigned myself to never knowing anyone’s name.  I did, however, known the youngest girl’s name very well by the end of the session.  I consider that a minor victory.  :)

Here are a few of my favorites from the session…

Aren’t their clothes great?!  I LOVED their outfits, and the coordinating colors.  The clothing choices people make for portrait sessions can seriously make or break the picture – they rocked this session!

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2 Responses to A Beautiful Family

  1. Jo says:

    I have twin uncles who each married a woman named Barbara. Don’t feel bad; it’s not any easier when you’re actually IN the family!!

    • Rina says:

      That’s so funny, Jo! Thankfully, they weren’t identical so that helped. Well, it helped me identify them, anyway, didn’t help much with remembering everyone’s names. :)