When You Meet Your "Soul Mate" – and your married to someone else

Recently, I received a comment on one of my articles entitled “I Didn’t Marry My Soul Mate” that raises what I feel are some important questions.  Rather than allowing the answers to get lost in the obscurity of the comments section, I’m bringing it up here.  Joanne writes:

“This is a truly beautiful thing that is written. After I read it, I realized I wanted to ask you a question. Did you ever meet your soul mate? A lot of people never meet their soul mate till they die. So if they’ve never felt these feelings with someone special then they are not in the position to say that their husband is a better choice. I met my soul mate at 44. I am married and am having a very hard time deciding whether I should go back to see my soul mate and spend the rest of my life with him or stay in my marriage and keep the family happy but endure the pain of loosing my soul mate. What should I do? Wouldn’t God want me to be happy?”

I believe this is an issue that effects many marriages, but few are willing to admit the problem and address it head-on. I’ve asked for the help of two friends to answer these questions.  Here is the first of these responses, written by a friend and fellow blogger, Mrs. Parunak of Pursuing Titus 2:

Dear Friend,

Many people might expect me to start out talking to you about promises, and wedding vows, and how divorce will hurt your children (if you have any), and how it devastates society and isn’t good for you, and how you’ll actually be happier in the long run if you stay with your husband, etc. But instead, I’d like to talk to you about: steak. See, I think the real heart of your question is not the part about your soul mate. I think the real heart of your question comes at the end where you ask, “Wouldn’t God want me to be happy?” I think the fact that you apply that question to a situation in which you are contemplating leaving your husband for another man demonstrates that you’ve been fed lies in two critical areas: what God wants, and what will make you happy…

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