I learned something very powerful from a friend once.  Before she married she made some decisions that put her somewhat deeply in debt.  When she got married, she and her husband spoke at length about this debt and her husband made the decision to allow her to stay at home and do the things they felt God calling her to do (Titus 2:5), assuming her debt and working to pay it off for her.  God spoke to her through this action, and told her that just as her husband had taken it upon himself to assume her financial debt, so God has taken it upon Himself to assume her spiritual debt.

This thought came back to me today, as I was thinking about an old friend,  whom I once hurt very deeply.  In my immaturity, the wound I created caused a rift so deep that even when I apologized to her, she could not find it in herself to move on in a friendship with me.  I don’t blame her for this.  The wound was deep and even now I’m ashamed of the way I treated her, and the things I said.  Today, as I was thinking of her and once again in agony over the things I said to her, God gently reminded me of the principle that he had taught my friend, through her husband’s actions.

I cannot change what I said to my friend whom I wounded so deeply.  But I CAN ask God to recompense her for the things that I did.  I can ask God to give her a friend who will uplift her and support her and encourage her and do all the things I didn’t do.  I can ask Him to heal her of the wounds that I caused.  I can ask Him to go beyond healing her, and use those wounds to do something wonderful in her life.  I can ask Him to restore unto her “what the locusts have eaten” (Joel 2:25).



*Gamli’el is the name of our fifth child.  It means “recompense of God” in Hebrew and was a name I chose after suffering a miscarriage, and finding out a few months later that God had blessed us once again.  I happened to google the name just a moment ago, and found the following definition: “Hebrew name meaning ‘God is my reward/recompense’ indicating the loss of one or more earlier children in the family.” I had no idea.




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  1. Your story of confession and comfort from the Lord is so beautiful. You’ve encouraged me this early morning to remember mercies and glory of our Lord God. It’s uplifting and humbling as I read your post. God bless you.

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