The Whitakers … Bowling Green Family Photography, Bowling Green Family Photographer

Are we seriously old enough to be married?  And have kids?!  I’ve known this family for years, Erin (far left) and I graduated together, her brother Jon (with the red hair) played baseball for my dad, and the last time I saw Lara (in the white shirt) I was still in high school.  Now we’re all married, some of us with families of our own.  Sometimes I think I could wake up and be right where I was all those years ago, when Erin and I were taking her little sister to the water park, and I was cheering in the bleachers with Mr and Mrs. Whitaker (“Mr. Whitaker,” please forgive me for not remembering your first name, I never used to call you by it!)  It was really great to see everyone again and I’m thankful that I was blessed with the honor of photographing this beautiful family.  Here is a “sneak peek,” with more to come!

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