When Momma Goes A-Cookin’

I got a late start on lunch today and I couldn’t fix what I’d originally planned, so we decided to make sweet potatoes and waffles (‘cause I’m resourceful like that, and the kids aren’t picky.)

I’ve never actually made waffles before, but my mother-in-law left a waffle iron last time she came to visit, so I thought that would be fun. I didn’t have any eggs, but I have it on good authority (I.e. google search engine) that bananas make good egg substitutes, so I threw a few in and mixed the batter, poured it into the waffle iron and went to make the sweet potatoes. It wasn’t long before I heard my seven year old say softly: “wow, look at the waffle iron.”


I see it.  I definitely see it.

I still had a lot of batter, though, and the kids had to eat, so I poured some mix into the skillet for pancakes and ran to grab the camera (’cause yall know I couldn’t pass up the chance to blog about this!)

On a whim, I decided to get artistic with my pictures, because, you know, there might be a market out there somewhere for ruined food photography.  As I was snapping away, from this angle and that, moving it to the best light source, experimenting with bokeh (seriously, I was really getting into it!) I heard my 6 year old say sweetly, “Momma, I think it’s time to flip your pancakes.”

I didn’t even bother taking a picture. Actually, they looked a lot like This

As the children were discussing my latest cooking disaster, and the fact that they would be eating “pancake soup” again for lunch, I heard my 8 year old say, “well, at least it has bananas in it.” That’s my girl!


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