Yesterday, I got to traipse around fields and woods and yards with one of my best friends (who is now taking pictures of her own… I’ll have more from her posted later!) and two great girls, and we had a blast!  Twice, we were stopped by concerned neighbors asking what we were doing (we trespassed on no less than four properties) and we met up with some seemingly unfriendly dogs determined to protect their home from all things photography related.  Sessions like these are what I look forward to when we start offering “Model for a Day” sessions (coming soon!)  These won’t be typical studio sessions (not that I’ve ever done a typical studio session!), but all-day sessions, where not just one girl, but a group of girls get together for an all-day photo shoot.  Multiple locations, unlimited clothing changes – it will be a blast!  Thank you, Ashley and Haley, for a great time yesterday!  Here is your “sneak peek,” and I look forward to showing you the rest soon!

Senior Portrait Photography Bowling Green KY, Senior Portrait Photographer Bowling Green KY

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52 Responses to BEST. SESSION. EVER.

  1. Mrs. Parunak says:

    Gorgeous! Great work!

  2. Jeannie Beck says:

    Great shots! You girls look absolutely MARVELOUS!

  3. Fred Coleman says:

    Looking good gals!

  4. Mia says:

    The settings are almost as beautiful as the girls – wow gorgeous young ladies!

  5. Denise Treece says:

    Beautiful girls and beautiful pics!

  6. Tammy Spinks says:

    Beautiful girls and pictures!

  7. jane mcginnis says:

    Those are great!

  8. Tammy Miller says:

    Great Pictures! I love the scenery with the girls. Thanks for sharing! Tammy

  9. Dawn Klement says:

    the beauty of the girls is only enhanced by their surroundings. These pictures are amazing keepsakes that will remind the girls of a wonderful time together for years to come…

  10. Aunt Carol says:

    Top quality portaits, very impressive. Couldn’t ask for more! Perfect choice of subjects too, my great nieces make me very proud!

  11. Stefanie Hayes says:

    Gorgeous girls! Great pics-love them!

  12. Barbara Carter says:

    The pictures of Haley and Ashley are amazing! You have done an excellent job with them. They are wonderful models to begin with. I know mom will cherish these for a long time.

  13. Angie McNabb says:

    Beautiful pictures of the girls! They look like they had a great time. What a concept.

  14. Judy Green says:

    OMG! Amy, your girls are beautiful! All grown up. The pictures are so good!

  15. danielle says:


  16. Caron says:

    Beautiful photographs of two beautiful young ladies. Can’t wait to see more.

  17. Ann Castner says:

    The pictures of the girls are wonderful-they have grown into beautiful young ladies!

  18. Cheryl Gentry says:

    Beautiful shots of the girls. Love them all.

  19. Trica York Keown says:

    Great pics! Love the scenery!!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Amy!

  20. Carrie says:

    Pretty girls great work they look like they mama!

  21. Jennifer says:

    You girls look so beautiful! So grown up! Love you!

  22. Amanda says:

    These photos are fabulous!!! They must have felt like super-stars taking these shots! Very impressed…

  23. connie blair says:

    Gosh, where has the time gone? They are beautiful. Great Pics.

  24. Leigh says:

    I enjoyed the pics that I saw. Excellent job

  25. Bobbi says:

    Very pretty girls….Great pics

  26. Sandy says:

    They are as beautiful as their momma!

  27. Jessica says:


  28. Karen says:

    Beautiful girls! Fabulous job Rina!

  29. Dianne Hill says:

    Two little girls that I met a long time ago, now have turned into two beautiful young ladies.

  30. Crystal Rumery says:


  31. Susie Paschal says:

    What a blessing to have such sweet, pretty girls!

  32. traci says:


  33. Katie Stillwell says:

    I have such beautiful cousins! These pictures are fantastic.

  34. Elizabeth Woodrum says:

    Beautiful, what great pictures and memories!

  35. stephanie stillwell says:

    Beautiful pictures and the girls look great!

  36. Stenetta says:

    These pictures are just beautiful Amy, love them, outdoor pictures are my favorite. The girls are definitely little models, they are so very pretty! Love you girl.

  37. Laurie Cooper says:


  38. Tammy Bailey says:

    These pictures are amazing! Very lovely girls!!

  39. Reaunetta Hatcher says:

    Wow! They grew up! As always So Beautiful!! Great pictures.

  40. Patty Compton says:

    Absolutely beautiful! These are my graanddaughters, aren’t they precious?

  41. Bobby Compton says:

    Aren’t they pretty!

  42. Tonia Spurgeon says:

    You have beautiful girls!!!!!

  43. Manesha ford says:

    Hey – beautiful girls! I know you are proud!

  44. Mark Ford says:

    Love the pics!

  45. Casey Campbell says:

    Ashley is such a beautiful girl and these pictures prove it! Awesome pics!

  46. Teri Campbell says:

    Gorgeous pics Ash!

    • Cathy Johnson says:

      Ashley is all grown up and so beautiful!!! I still remember her hugging me around my leg at Toys R Us when she was so little.

  47. Cathy Johnson says:

    Ashley is all grown up and beautiful….

  48. Kelli Williams says:

    Oh my goodness! They are beautiful! :)

  49. Chandra says:

    Gorgeous girls! Love them!