Trying my hand at another digital painting

This picture just begged to be painted!  Isn’t she adorable?

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3 Responses to Trying my hand at another digital painting

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, she is! Did you “paint” it after doing your eyes-brighten skin-smooth thing? I think her skin is overly smooth; maybe you could “paint” a less-edited version to get more brush strokes? (As always, freely disregard any opinions with which you don’t concur!)

    • Rina says:

      No way, Jo, I appreciate your comments! I did this one a little different, I did a major surface blur on the picture and then painted in everything but her skin, then I sharpened the picture so that you could see the brush strokes. I still have a tough time with making brush strokes on the skin look right, so I just didn’t do it at all on this one. :)

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