Home is Where the Heart is

It was such a pleasure to spend the day with this family.  We shot this session at the family’s beautiful home that (Dad) Tim Graham built with what must have been an incredible amount of love, for it shows in every corner, window and doorway.  My assistant and I oohed and aahed the whole time we were there – even the stairs impressed us!  Mom, Gina Graham, is an interior designer and often helps her husband with his projects and I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it’s her amazing sense of style that shows itself in the details of their home that make it such an warm, inviting place to be.  On a purely selfish note, I’m thrilled to have met this couple because we hope to build our own home within the next few years and from visiting their website (www.designbuildersonline.com) and reading about the building process, it sounds like Tim takes an incredible amount of time to focus on the details, which is exactly what I’m looking for.  I don’t want to simply “hire a contractor,” I want to find someone who is as invested in making the home of my dreams as I am, and if the information on their website and their home itself is any indication, that’s exactly what Tim and Gina strive to do.  Okay, I could go on and on about this couple, and go on and on about their house (and the house I hope to build some day!) but I know you want to see pictures!!!

Here is the family on the steps of their (beautiful!) home, Gina and Tim with their beautiful son and daughter, Kristen and Justin:

Love love love the locks on these two… wouldn’t everyone love to have hair like this!

And this young man is Kristen’s… fiance? boyfriend? All I’ll say is there is a promise ring involved.   :)

Don’t they make a stunning couple?!  And the dog just makes the shot.  :)

And because I’ve gone on and on about it, here is a picture of their home:

Isn’t it beautiful?  I know when it’s time for us to build I’ll just want to go around their home and say “I want a fireplace just like this, and a stairway just like this, and flooring just like this, and…”  :)

Thank you, Gina and Tim, for inviting me in and around your beautiful home!  I look forward to seeing you again and showing you the rest!

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