May 30, 2011


Outside my window… I had some photography business to catch up on recently, and while the baby was taking a nap, I sent the kids outside to “play nicely” together so I could get some work done.  What is the expression?  While the cat is away, the mice will play (or something like that?)  Mmm-hmm.  This lovelyness happened just a few feet from my front porch (the hole) and the “mud soup” was being “cooked” ON the porch.

I am thinking… That next time I tell the kids to go outside and “play nicely” I’ll give them a few ground rules first.  :)

I am thankful for… Wonderful friends!  I have been so blessed by my friends both old and new in the past few weeks, in so many ways.  I really do have the best friends in the world.

I am wearing… Clothes that I bought a few years ago and have NEVER worn because they’ve always been too small!!!

I am hearing… the sound of little ones playing nicely (that’s a frightening thought… maybe I should go and check on them!)

Around the house… Just watered my new orchid with a few ice cubes (supposedly it helps them to grow new buds.)  I’m really excited about this orchid… when my first daughter was born my mom sent an orchid to me in the hospital and they’ve been my favorite flower ever since.  But it died many years ago, and I never replaced it, even though I always wanted to.  When my husband and I were on our date, he bought one for me and I’m THRILLED to have it.  I’ll post a picture soon.

One of my favorite things… babies in the bed beside me, smiling first thing in the morning.

A few plans for the rest of the week… We’re going yard sale shopping!!!  I haven’t been to a yard sale in a few years and a city near us has their city-wide sale starting on Friday.  Me and two of my best friends are going together and I’m SO excited about that!

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


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5 Responses to May 30, 2011

  1. Ann says:

    Love, love, love those pictures!!! I bet they were having a ball!!!

  2. Jo says:

    O wow! What a mess. Hope it didn’t take you too long to clean them up afterwards. Enjoy your new orchid – I never heard that about feeding them ice-cubes, I’ll have to look that up.

  3. Manuela says:

    We’re gonna get tons of girls that want to “trash the prom dress ” now. You make playing in the mud look wonderful. Some awesome shots they are.