“… that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth…” (Acts 13:47)

Last week, Manuela and I had the honor of photographing a family who is currently making the last of their preparations to serve the Lord abroad.  Theirs is a long term plan, not a summer visit.   At His call, they are “selling all that they own” and moving to a new country, facing an unfamiliar culture and language.  They will be taking five of their six children with them.  I’ve said before that whenever I take a picture of someone, I feel connected with them in a special way.  I know that this family, especially, will be on my heart in a very powerful way.  Theirs will be a picture I frame on my own wall – a reminder of God’s greatest commission, a reminder to intercede on their behalf and on behalf of those whose lives they will touch.  Today I was looking for quotes to put on their prayer card, and came across one that touched me.  It said:

“In no other way can the believer become as fully involved with God’s work, especially the work of world evangelism, as in intercessory prayer.” — Dick Eastman

I cannot physically help this family in their work, but I can and will pray for their safety, courage, wisdom, patience and love as they bring the gospel to those who need to hear it.  I ask that those reading this will pray for them, as well.

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