A Special Milestone – for them and for me!

One of the special benefits of this photography venture is the knowledge that I am going to watch many, many children grow up, and be a part of their lives.  To photograph a child in his infancy, through toddlerhood and elementary school, him wearing his first baseball uniform and her wearing her first prom dress is so incredibly special.  One of these days, I’ll take senior pictures of a child I’ve watched grow up through the lens of my camera, and I’ll cry.  I’ve been photographing these little guys since they were only a few weeks old.  Although I’ve done a lot of infant portraiture, these two are actually the first children I’ve followed from birth to a year, visiting with their family every three months to document new milestones.  And now that they are expecting a new baby brother or sister, I get to repeat the process all over again, with a new member of the family!  Watching these guys grow has been unbelievably awesome, and I look forward to the years ahead.  I say it often, but I continue to be so blessed by the families who allow me into their homes and hearts to document these incredibly special years.  Thank you, Amanda, for being the first!


PS. Several of these pictures were taken by Manuela… I don’t showcase her work nearly often enough, because I try to get the “sneak peak” up quickly after each session and it takes a few days for Manuela and I to get together after a session to exchange pictures.  But thanks to Amanda’s incredible patience, I’m posting these pretty late (we took them about three weeks ago.)  I’m very proud to show off some of her work!

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2 Responses to A Special Milestone – for them and for me!

  1. Amanda says:

    The pleasure has been all mine! I am so grateful that we’ve had you taking their pictures since they were 6 days old! I know that it hasn’t been easy, but you’ve always been sooo patient and loving with the boys. I couldn’t ask for a more flexible, understanding, and talented photographer :) Can’t wait for newborn pics of the new baby in November! Maybe I should go ahead and schedule something. . . ;) Thanks so much, Rina and Manuela!! (Oh, and these pictures are fabulous, I forgot to mention that, lol!)

    • Rina says:

      Amanda, it’s been WONDERFUL! You’ve provided such an awesome opportunity for me to grow and try new things (without feeling worried that someone will be thinking to themselves “does she even know what she’s doing?” [Answer: not always.]) :) I appreciate you so very much.