Sunday Linkage: “You Pray Before Battle”

Here is another wonderful article I found on the blog Conversion Diary while I was reading through the archives.  It deals with the subject of prayer, specifically having a set time where we’re giving God 100% of our attention (and I don’t mean kneeling with folded hands, speaking with God, prayer can take on many forms.)  I have to admit, my times of focused prayer have become increasingly rare and the reality is, as Jennifer wrote, it’s usually because I just don’t feel like it.  As Jennifer was “whining in God’s general direction” (I love that description of her prayer!) about this subject, He answered her: “You pray before battle.”  Here’s what she writes:

If I were going into battle tomorrow — a real battle, facing bloodshed and mortal danger — I would pray. I wouldn’t have to remind myself why it’s important. I wouldn’t whine about it. I wouldn’t drag my feet. And I dang sure wouldn’t forget.

In fact, if I were doing anything of great importance, I would naturally turn to prayer. Let’s say, for example, that Oprah invited me on her show to make the case for orthodox Christianity, or that I had a chance to meet with an influential politician to talk to him or her about an issue that’s important to me. Not only would I not forget to pray beforehand, but you’d hardly be able to get me to do anything else.

A big problem with my prayer life is that I’d stopped feeling like I do anything important on a day-to-day basis. Now, I’ve always known that my job is the most important job in the world; I’ve never doubted that my role as a mother is critical in the grand scheme of things. But on the average day? Hmm. Not so much.

Somewhere along the way my attitude had become saturated with ennui, and I came to see my days as consisting of “make breakfast,” “clean up after breakfast,” “try to keep the house from getting destroyed between breakfast and lunch,” “make lunch,” and so on. Not very exciting. I’d made the dangerous mistake of forgetting that every day is a battle, a war of good against evil…

Read the full article here:  You Pray Before Battle


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