I Lay Me Down

In the past few weeks, two of my friends have expressed their desire to draw closer to God, and both have mentioned the possible negative affects this could have on their friendship with me.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know why a friend drawing closer to God would cause me to draw away from them, but whether or not it would cause them to draw away from me, I can’t answer.

But as I ponder both of my friends and their desire to allow God to change them completely, I can’t help but wonder… am I willing to allow Him to change me completely, no matter the cost?

Tonight, I envision God speaking to me.  He asks:

“will you lay it all down at my feet, once again?”

and I answer Him again, “what choice do I have, really?  What else is there for me?”

Batter my heart, three person’d God.

Promise me You’ll be with me, promise me that no matter what happens, You’ll never leave me nor forsake me.  Promise me You’ll be my friend, when I’ve lost it all.

I lay me down.

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