Sunday Linkage: What Do You Have to Know to be Saved?

Today’s link sums up and even goes a bit beyond what I have long believed regarding salvation – specifically, addressing the issue of whether those who have never heard of Jesus can be “saved.”  I have long adopted CS Lewis’ view on the subject, as written in his book, Mere Christianity: “what we know is that no man can be saved except through Christ.  What we do not know is that only those who know Him can be saved through Him.  We do not know His plans for other people.”

The writer of this article takes this one step further, asserting that one can “know” Jesus without knowing anything about Christian doctrine.  He writes:

If Truth is Jesus, is it possible for someone to know the Truth when they know little to nothing about Christian doctrine? Is it possible that God has been naked with the humble, when the humble have little Christian knowledge about who He is?  What if a person only has enough Revelation and enough Truth to trust God fully … is that enough?  What if faith is what God is looking for in the human heart?   

Clark Pinnock states, “It is not so much a question whether the unevangelized know Jesus as whether Jesus knows them … the issue God cares about is the direction of the heart, not the content of theology” (A Wideness in God’s Mercy, p. 158).

Read the rest here… What Do You Have to Know to be Saved?


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