They Make Facebook Fun For Me

I have love photographing these kids over the past few years and for the first time, I finally got to do a family session with them!  There is SO MUCH LOVE between this couple.  Reading the banter between the two of them on facebook is often the highlight of my day… I’d post a few here, but I’m afraid they’d be considered to risque for some of my Christian readers.  ;)

Seriously, though, this family is awesome.  Brandi, you don’t know it, but I talk about you all the time – a lot of my friends have heard of “this friend of mine, Brandi…” (which is usually answered with: “is she the one who…”)  :)  You make me LOL, and I really love you guys!  I’m so glad we’re in touch again and that I get to be a part of capturing your memories.  I hope that we become closer friends in the years to come!

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One Response to They Make Facebook Fun For Me

  1. Mrs. Jones says:

    What a sweet and beautiful family!