NOT a setback!

I mentioned yesterday that I went to Trax Running in Bowling Green but didn’t really mention why I went out there.  I’ve been experiencing some nasty pain in my right hip and I wanted to ask some people in the “running community” who I could go to for help, figuring out what the problem was.  As it turned out, the people who could help were right there in the store, and they took the time to watch me run and tell me where I was going wrong in my stride and gave me some ideas on how I could run better (on a side note, they’re going to be offering a clinic to help people with these very issues on October 30… for anyone who might be interested in going, information will soon be posted on their website.)

I was pretty nervous about following their suggestions, because to run the way they were telling me to (with my feet underneath me, as opposed to making huge strides with my legs) is really tough on my calves, which are pretty puny.  That morning, I’d run 4 miles that way with Manuela (she had also noticed my “hippy” run and suggested the same thing the people at Trax suggested), and it HURT.  And it took a really long time.  And I was really bummed!

So I figured that trying to run “correctly” and work on a completely different set of muscles was going to be a huge setback to me, but as it turns out, it’s not!  Today, I did 3 miles in 36 minutes, only a couple of minutes slower than my fastest time, and I wasn’t actually trying to go fast.

As it turns out, running correctly seems to require a little less effort and will apparently give me a little more speed.  Which makes sense considering (as Manuela so brilliantly pointed out) that people break world records running that way.  :)

So for all the runners or walkers or people thinking about running or walking, I’m plugging Trax Running once more, and mentioning again the clinic they’ll have on October 30th (which I really hope I’m able to attend!)  According to their website, it will go over the mechanics of running such as alignment, ankle lift and arm swing, stride length, etc.  Keep in mind that I haven’t actually BEEN to a clinic of theirs (I’m pretty sure this is the first one they’ve ever offered,) but judging from what I’ve seen and heard about them so far, it’s going to be awesome!


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