Manuela and I recently got to photograph a very special family, whom Manuela has known for many years. The Brooks were great to work with, and it was fun to be involved in such a laid-back photo session. Afterward, Jeff and Lori Brooks stuck around so that Manuela could get a few pictures of their family and she has written more about it, below.

I, Manuela, suggested to Rina that I write about Jeff and Lori Brooks. Even though I do not consider myself a good writer I felt like I have what it takes to write about this special family!

I have known Jeff and Lori since 2002, meeting them for the first time at a bible study held at their beautifully decorated home. Lori is so creative and talented, mutual friends and I joke about how we could not hang a picture, dress for a family wedding or decorate our living room without asking Lori first. She can take anything (I am pretty sure) and turn into Beauty….Likely she had a “say so” in the colors and outfits chosen for this session. Everybody looked wonderful.

I have also known her children Seth and Mattie Jo since they were little. Lori’s was the first pregnant belly I ever touched… little Seth was bouncing around and I will never forget that feeling of just “aweness.” I am so grateful to be the one now creating memories for her and her family. Thank you guys for letting me do that.






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