Mommy confession: when our sixth child was born, I didn’t “bond” with her immediately (if “bond” is the right word.)  All five of my other children had looked very much alike as babies… I always said it was like having the same baby over and over again.  But when our last baby was born, she didn’t look anything like the others, and it was an odd feeling.  I remember laying in the bed next to my husband, a few days after she was born, leaning over and whispering: “Jon, this may sound horrible, but I feel like I don’t recognize her.”  Jon looked back and me and whispered “it feels that way to me, too!”  It’s fun to joke about it now, but it was a pretty strange feeling at the time!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll probably recognize this baby… only it won’t be THIS baby you recognize.  Does he look familiar?


Here are his two brothers, photographed over a year ago:

Photographing this little guy was like going back in time – he looks so much like his brothers, it amazes me.   Here are a few more from our session…

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  1. runitjojo says:

    Beautiful photos, they’re so precious!!

  2. jamie jarboe says:

    LOVE! And boy does he look like his brothers:) Too sweet!

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