Co-Sleeping is Safe… IF Practiced Safely

A friend of mine had this posted on facebook today, and I thought it was worth re-posting.  In a study of babies in Milwaukee who died while co-sleeping with their parents over the past year and a half showed that they all had ONE thing in common, and it wasn’t smoking, or drinking, or drugs, or too many people in the bed, or a bed that was too small.

So what WAS the one thing every co-sleeping death had in common?

All of them were formula fed.

“There is a whole behavioral and physical reconnection between a mother and a baby when breastfeeding is occurring that just does not show up if the mother and baby are bottle-feeding… Mothers wake up more frequently, they’re more sensitive to where the baby is.  The baby is typically placed under the mothers arm at the mid-chest level so that the baby gets to and fro the breast in the middle of the night.  When bottle feeding is occurring, the baby is put higher up on the bed near the pillows.  The baby orients to and fro all over the bed, and crawls around much more when they get to be four or five [months old], whereas for the four or five month old baby who’s breastfeeding and sleeping with the mother, there is only one direction that the baby looks and there’s only one object to which that baby wants to move, and that’s to it’s mother.”

See the full video, below:

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  1. Andrea says:

    FASCINATING!!! Thank you for sharing this!

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