Precious Baby

This precious little girls momma has a very special place in my life.  She’s a wonderful person and a great friend, and she’s always been there with an encouraging word whenever I’ve needed one.  Most significantly, she has been with me to welcome four of our six children into the world, and if all goes according to plan, she’ll be here to welcome our seventh sometime in August.

Yes, I did just make an announcement.  :)

This little one is especially special to her family.  I know there will come a time, hopefully many years from now, when I’m facing the prospect of having my last child.  Of course, we can never tell when that might be, but I think there must be something very special about being at a place in life where you know that the child you carry in your belly and then your arms might just be the last.  Taking nothing for granted, making sure to treasure every little kick and flutter while pregnant, every coo and smile during infancy.  This little girl may not be her parents last baby, but she’s being treasured as if she might be, and I think there is something incredibly special about that.  As I sit here with my own unexpected blessing growing inside of me, I’m reminded that life is precious, and whether your pregnant at 25 or 45, nothing is guaranteed.  I’m reminded to be thankful for every moment of this pregnancy, even though it wasn’t what I had planned, and be thankful for the little life who will be growing inside of me as I enter a brand new stage in my life.

I am thankful to my friend for teaching me this beautiful lesson, and for being there for me through so many of life’s twists and turns!

Here is beautiful little Samara:

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5 Responses to Precious Baby

  1. Patti Milam says:

    Rina, those are the most beautifully done pics I think I have ever seen. Of course, when God gives you something this beautiful to work with, the job isn’t as hard.

  2. elizabeth oakley says:

    oh my goodness. i love these pics. I have a credit with you so i cant wait for this lil one to get photos done by you guys (if i can afford) Curt says we have so many friends who do photos and i do also (not very good) that we arent paying for photos but gosh these are precious.

  3. Zanzia says:

    So beautiful!

  4. kykathie says:

    So beautiful….love the contrast of the new pink precious baby against the well-worn cabinet with dark curtains! Captivating!!