Seven Quick Takes – December 30, 2011

— 1 —

This semester, FOUR of my children are going to be playing a stringed instrument!  Words can’t express what an amazing experience this has been for my kids, we’re so excited to be able to enroll three more of our kids this semester – we’ll have three on the violin and one on cello.  We picked the other two instruments up today (we’d already been renting two) and tonight everyone was playing (or trying to play) at once.  I can’t begin to describe the noise, but the smiles and the giggles were well worth the damage to my ear drums.  We’re starting to look like (if not sound like) a Von Trap Family of Stringed Instruments.  :)

— 2 —

Although I’m excited about having four of the kids in lessons, I’m a little nervous about it, too.  In the beginning, it will be very important for me to watch them as they practice and help correct little mistakes that can set them up for bad habits in the future… how I’m going to manage practicing each day with four kids plus homeschooling plus everything else I have going on is a little beyond me.  Thankfully, the teachers in the program are extremely supportive, so although the kids may go slow in the beginning, I have every confidence that they’ll catch up.  Especially when they have a genius for a mother.  ;) The other night, I came up with a brilliant way to help my oldest daughter keep her bow straight without Mommy standing over her, so that she could practice on her own…

I’m pretty sure not a single one of her teachers would recommend this, but she’s been practicing for the last hour all by herself so she’s pretty happy with Momma’s ingenuity right now.  :)

— 3 —

Speaking of violin, I recently found out something that really touched my heart regarding a recent concert Bitty was a part of, held at a local furniture store.  A facebook post from one of the parents in the program:

According to the manager, the employees there worked for months planning this annual event to host families in need for a meal and visit from Santa complete with gifts for each child. They do this instead of having an office party for themselves.

How incredible is that???

— 4 —

I’ve had a few people ask how the pregnancy is going, and I’ve been bragging about how I’ve had NO nausea and NO cravings and I haven’t been at all sleepy and everything has just been perfect and lovely and wonderful (aside from the fact that I can’t remember anything) and I can’t believe what a difference the running and weight loss has made and…. and… and…

Hello, welcome to Rina’s Pregnancy, week 4 (or 5?  I really have no idea.  When you’re pregnant with your seventh, you just don’t keep up with the days of gestation the way you used to.)  Anyway, this week has featured me sitting on the couch, eating pop-tars and falling asleep while reading books about ultramarathons.  My great plan for controlling my weight during this pregnancy was “just eat when you’re hungry!” and I’ve been wondering how many calories it would take to maintain my weight considering an exercise program of (roughly) 20 miles a week while nursing an (almost) 2 year old while pregnant with another.  If this week is any indicator, that number is somewhere close to 5,386,124 calories per day.

— 5 —

Wait, did I say “maintain” my weight?  In that case, the number should probably be slightly lower, since I’ve gained about 5lbs in the last week and my stomach makes me look as if I’m in the second trimester instead of barely a month into my first.  The pins I’ve been using to keep my too-large skirts in place?  No longer necessary.

— 6 —

Speaking of eating about a billion calories… the other day I posted the following on facebook:

Could someone please come by and bring me a poptart? You can’t stay and visit, i’m grumpy and i’m tired (and I’m still in my pajamas.) But if u could just drop a poptart off at my front door, that would be great. ;)

I was totally kidding when I wrote it, I just thought it was a funny way to express how I’ve been feeling, lately (tired, grumpy, hungry.)  In fact, I purposefully made sure that neither Manuela nor Michelle were going to be checking their facebook statuses that day (I wrote it on Christmas, knowing that both of them would be visiting with their families), because I know they’re both crazy enough (and love me enough) to have brought some to me!  Nevertheless, about 15 minutes later, these arrived on my front porch:

Apparently, another of my crazy loving friends saw my post and contacted another friend who lives close by (Joy from Candlelight Cottage) who happened to have a stash of poptarts in her house.  Poor thing didn’t even stay to visit, thanks to my snarky post (although she says it’s because she had dinner waiting for her.)  That’ll teach me to be careful what I write on facebook!

— 7 —

I shared some with the kids, ate about four of them, and hoarded the rest for the next day.  When my husband came home, he went to eat one and was met by sneering, slobbering Pregnant Rina who told him in no uncertain terms that he was NOT to come between a pregnant woman and her only source of sugar.  Needless to say, he backed off and came home with a bag of Jolly Ranchers (for me, not him) the next night.

That’s how my pregnancy is going, so far.  :)


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4 Responses to Seven Quick Takes – December 30, 2011

  1. Mrs. Parunak says:

    Oh Rina! You made me laugh out loud. I can SO relate, so totally. Hugs!

  2. Rina says:

    Thanks, Mrs. P! I know you can!!! Haha!

  3. maggsworld says:

    It sounds like your children are plotting and working towards their own string quartet. Any plans for recitals? Yes I know – early days. Ahhhh pregnancy. As (now) a grandma but previously a mother of 7 – I relate.

    • Rina says:

      They have recitals through the pre-college strings program, but I’m sure we’ll be having lots of recitals of our own for friends and family in the near future! :)

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