Seven Quick Takes – Jan 6, 2012

— 1 —

Please bear with me while I brag on my children for a little bit… For the past five days, I’ve been sick with the stomach flu.  For three of those days, my husband wasn’t home so the kids and I were left to fend for ourselves.  And for those three days, my kids took care of everything.  The older three got the baby up each day, fed her, dressed her, put her down for naps, and changed all her diapers – they even gave her a bath.  They made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone (it helped that Jon had already made some meals that the girls just had to heat up), and helped the boys with anything they needed.  All the kids did their chores and played nicely with each other, giving me three days of rest.  I didn’t ask them to do any of this (with the exception of doing their chores) they did it because they knew I wasn’t feeling well and they wanted to help.  I have awesome kids!

— 2 —

Speaking of my awesome kids, I thought it might be fun to give you a little glimpse into some of their personalities…

I’ve been running with the older girls for a few weeks now (with the exception of this week) and last week, I took them for a two mile run up and down our road.  It went something like this:

First 50 seconds:

Momma: Feeling a weeks worth of horrible food choices sloshing around in my belly.  Not looking forward to two miles of this.
Bunchkin: (10 year old): Having fun, chatting with Bundle, just along for the ride
Bundle: Breathing a little heavily, not talking quite as much
Bitty: “Momma, you run really slow.  Why do you run so slow?”

After a mile:

Momma: Tummy hurts.  Feet hurt.  Chest hurts.  Breathing heavily.  Ready to quit.
Bunchkin: Pained expression on her face, but says she’s okay.
Bundle: Alternating between running and walking, just trying to keep up.
Bitty: “Momma, can I run ahead of you?  Just to that sign?”

After a mile and a half:

Momma: Having a dialogue in my head in which I remind myself that the half marathon is MY goal… therefore, I am under no obligation to follow through with that goal.  Pretty sure this is the last two miles I’ll ever run again.
Bunchkin: Stops running because her knees are hurting
Bundle: Stops running because she’s exhausted
Bitty: “Look Momma, I’m jumping over all the water spots in the road.  See?  I’m jumping over this one, and this one, and this one…  Can I run ahead of you?  Just to that house?”

When I got home, I told Jon that next time, HE was running with Bitty.  I’ll take the older two, I can’t keep up with the youngest!

— 3 —

I watched a really awesome movie while I was sick, called Without LimitsIt’s the story of Steve Prefontaine who was one of the greatest American distance runners of all time.  One of the things Prefontaine was famous for was going out early in a race and holding the lead.  Apparently, it’s easier to hang back and stay with the rest of the runners until the end, but in order to do that, Steve would have had to run slower than he could.  He knew he might win more races that way, but he felt that to win races but not give it his all was a cowards way out.  He’s quoted as saying: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  It’s a great story, and I’m looking forward to reading more about him.  (Warning: there is some sexual content and language in the movie.)

— 4 —

I’m sure after I post this, I’ll think of seventeen more things I could have written about, but that’s all I’ve got for now.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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