7 Quick Takes – January 20

— 1 —

I have the most amazing, supportive husband.  Yesterday I discovered that there is a marathon coming up in Nashville taking place just a week before the one we had planned to run in Cincinnati.  Running this one would be much cheaper for us, and to be honest I was pretty bummed to hear that there was another option!  I don’t WANT to run the course in Nashville, but financially, it really is the best option.  Last night, when I spoke with my husband about it, he looked me in the eye and said very seriously: “Rina… this is a BIG DEAL.  This is your first marathon.  I don’t care how expensive it is, I want you to run the one you WANT to run.  We’ll come up with the money.”  This, from a man who is already working extra days at his current job and just recently put in an application at a place he DOESN’T want to work, just so that our children can take music lessons.  This, from a man who has supported my photography hobby (according to the books and our budget, it is still VERY much a hobby) without complaint for two years.  This man watches not only my children but Manuela’s children and occasionally Michelle’s little boy at least twice a week while I run and go on photo shoots.  He makes my running more of a priority than I do… when I don’t want to get out there and run, he’s the one who gets me out the door more often than not (often with some help from Michelle and Manuela!  It takes a village…  :))  I’m so incredibly thankful for him.  He’s truly, truly amazing.

— 2 —

In hopes of boosting my energy levels for said marathon, this week I started a regimen of chlorophyll, black-strap molasses and gallons and gallons of red raspberry leaf tea (actually, I haven’t been drinking the tea, but I plan to!  Really I do!) Having discovered the link between muscle fatigue and high blood volume/low red blood cell count, it has occurred to me (actually, I think it occurred to Michelle) that if I were to start increasing my iron levels, my red blood cell count would increase.  I’m a pretty lousy supplement taker, most of my good intentions have been sitting in bottles since my last pregnancy, but I think there’s a chance I’ll stick with this.  I’m hoping this iron enhancing cocktail will act like Popeye’s trusty can of spinach and boost me out of my practically comatose state of lethargy.  We’ll see.

— 3 —

I saw the greatest picture/caption a few months ago, it made me laugh so hard, because I could SO relate to it:


Only, now it’s not so funny.  Because that second picture?  Lately, I’m FEELING that way, too.

— 4 —

Speaking of things that I haven’t touched since my last pregnancy, I had the most wonderful bologna sandwich the other night!  (Things like this are the reason I’ve already gained ten pounds and probably have something to do with the fact that the above picture isn’t so funny anymore.)  Lately, my nutrition has been coming from less than optimal sources.  Most of my grains and proteins have been coming from microwavable pizza bites and granola bars, my vegetable servings have been coming from broccoli and cheese lean pockets, and my fruit has been coming from frozen strawberry popsicles.

— 5 —

In light of this less than stellar nutrition, Jon and I have decided to devote every Sunday to meal preparation, and Michelle, Manuela and I have decided to devote some of our Tuesday get-together’s to freezer cooking. My thought is not only to have a bunch of meals already made and in the freezer, but also to have things cut up so that they’re easy to assemble for crock pot meals.  I plan to dice carrots, peppers, onions, cut up strawberries and apples and peel oranges, etc and have all the prep work done for just about every meal we eat throughout the week.  I also plan to make lots of bread dough and freeze it so that each night I can thaw it out and every morning I can pop it in the oven.  Anything to make my life easier and reduce the chances that we’ll end up eating out is a good thing right now.

If anyone has any ideas of easy make-ahead-meals, I’d love to hear them!

— 6 —

Last night, bored and unable to sleep, I watched an episode of Hoarders on Netflix (Netflix has opened my eyes and exposed me to to all new levels of low-quality entertainment.  While I was sick, I actually watched a few episodes of Bridezilla.  I am ashamed.)  Featured in this episode was an older women who, when her children grew up and left home, simply stopped picking up after herself.  As I’m watching this and they’re showing all the trash that has accumulated all over her house, I kept thinking “OHMYGOSH, that’s ME!  That’s ME!”  I can just see my future: After years of cleaning up after 7 (or 15, who knows by then?) kids, I’m just going to STOP.  I’m never going to want to scrub another dish or take out another bag of trash or wash another pile of clothes ever, ever again.  I’ll just let it all pile up and I’ll leave little paths throughout the house so that I can walk around.  The bed, of course, will be free from clutter.

A little while ago, I unwrapped a piece of cheese, set the wrapper on the counter, and started walking away when the thought hit me “I’M ALREADY DOING IT!!!”  Five paces from the trash can, and here I am, leaving empty cheese wrappers on the kitchen counter!  Panicked, I grabbed the wrapper, threw it in the trash, and went on a 2 hour cleaning binge.  Actually, that last part isn’t true, but I did pick up my cheese wrapper and throw it in the trash.  Baby steps.

— 7 —

My kids have been listening to the most irritating CD EVER. 


In fact, I think I’ve blogged about it before but now I can’t find the entry.

It’s a CD of little children singing songs in Hebrew.  I don’t know any of the words, but they get stuck in my head nonetheless and I CANNOT get them out.  The worst part of it is, this is a CD we owned years ago that got broken after weeks (and weeks… and weeks) of continuous listening (by “continuous” I mean that it plays in their CD player on the “repeat” setting ALL. DAY. LONG.  That’s not an exaggeration.  They fall asleep to this music.)  I can’t tell you how happy I was when this CD bit the dust.  But then, a few weeks ago, it arrived in the mail again, courtesy of a charity we’ve supported in the past.  I begged my husband to throw it away before the kids saw it but he wouldn’t do it (“Rina, the kids love this CD.”  JON, THAT’S MY POINT!  THAT’S WHY IT HAS TO GO!!!  PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR PREGNANT WIFE’S SANITY!!!)  I’m thinking of writing this charity and offering double the amount if they’ll just promise never, EVER, to send another CD to us again.


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4 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – January 20

  1. Hi Rina, would you please clone your husband and send the clone to me? LOVE the two photos and I can so relate; however, I don’t run. I do, however, do 3 miles of a Leslie Sansone 4-mile walk DVD (much much more than just walking–it’s a total body workout) EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL (working my way up to all four, of course). I’ve also lost almost 40 lbs since April 2010 (24 of them since October 2011). I am ON A ROLL!!! Have about 60 to go. ANYWAY, back to you–Bridezilla, how funny!!! I laughed when I read that but have never seen it. However, I have Dish Network what comes with the little seasonal rental that I’ve been living in through this long, long (did I say LONG???) term unemployment so I know what you mean about watching, well, you know . . . .

    You have such a WONDERFUL sense of humor and with all of those kids, too. I’ve never had any children, which is why I probably don’t run, either (seems like a good excuse to me). But I can walk with the best of them!!! Not sure I’d do well with the CD of little children singing songs in Hebrew. However, I learned about the song “Stay Strong” by the Newsboys from one of your earlier blog posts. See how you’ve enlightened me already!!!

    Keep em’ coming. I enjoy your posts immensely and I can live vicariously (or not . . .) through your experiences with raising children and being pregnant again (I’m way beyond those years although I only look 25 . . . okay, okay, MAYBE 32 . . . . okay, okay, not a DAY over 85 . . . (I’m 59, sigh…). –Sara

    • Rina says:

      Sara, my whole running journey started with Leslie Sansone! I was working out with her walking CD’s and on one of them that I have, she has a little “boost” at the end where you’re basically jogging in place. And the thought occurred to me… I wonder how long I could keep this up for? And I started doing laps back and forth from my kitchen to my living room and down the hallways to the bedroom. And it just went from there! I tell you what, though, you walkers can put the whoopin’ on me! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been passed (while running) by people who are walking. Not long ago, I did a 10k with my friend Michelle and I walked a lot of it along with her and afterward my legs were SO SORE. You guys are workin’ it! And by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss!!! That is awesome!
      You made me laugh when you mentioned your age! I was just thinking today that I didn’t start to feel older until I hit my 30’s and then it was like some kind of switch flipped in my head and everything looked different to me! I hope I’m still walking (or running) 3 miles every day when I’m 59!

  2. Manuela says:

    I agree! Jon is the best and if it wouldn’t be for him I’ll be sill stuck with running two miles and just dreaming of races like marathons. My kids adore Jon and are having so much fun hanging out at your house…..I am so grateful for that.
    As far as the clutter and you becoming a “Hoarder”….it’s not gonna happen as long as I am around girlfriend :) I just come over when I get bored at my house and take care off it. LOL