This session was awesome in so many ways, not the least of which included a handsome young musician following Manuela and I around, serenading us for a few hours while we took pictures.  Do we have the best job, or what?  ;)

Jordan is an incredibly talented violist whom I met through the Pre-College Strings program at Western Kentucky University.  He plays for the Symphony at WKU and is currently the only performance art strings major enrolled at Western.  When Jordan asked me to take some pictures incorporating the viola into the session, I was thrilled… musicians are some of my favorite people to photograph, and I’ve been hoping I might get an opportunity to do a session like this!  Thanks, Jordan, for allowing me to be a part of this special portrait session!

Here is your “sneak peek,” and I look forward to showing you the rest, soon:

PS.  I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t answer the question many of you might be asking after seeing these pictures: “What’s the difference between a violin and a viola?”  Most people I know are somewhat familiar with the violin and the cello, but less so with the viola and the bass.  I don’t know everything about the stringed instruments, but I can say that the basic difference between a violin and a viola is that A. the viola is bigger and has a deeper sound than the violin, and B. the viola has different strings than the violin (A, D, G, C, as opposed to E, A, D, G.)  I also know (thanks to Jordan) that the viola plays the same notes as the cello, but at an octave higher than the cello.  In an orchestra, the viola is considered the tenor of the strings section and usually plays harmony.  Just in case you’re ever on a game show, and basic viola knowledge is needed to answer the million dollar question.  :)

Oh – and while I’m on the subject of million dollar stringed instrument questions… The difference between a fiddle and a violin is primarily what types of songs are played on it…   the violin sounds much, MUCH better.  ;)

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  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful. I can see using one of last two as a CD cover if he ever produces a CD of his music. Stunning photography!!!