The perfect way for our van to break down

Well, the perfect way for our van to break down would have been for our van NOT to break down, but that being said…  :)

Aside from the fact that winter break from music lessons had JUST started (so I won’t need to go anywhere for a little while) and the fact that our van didn’t break down while we were in Nashville the night before, it just so happened that we had friends already coming out to the house that night, AND my husband’s car was already in town because we’d picked him up from work the night before (we needed two cars to get us all back home.)  It also happened that my mom was home and has a triple A card so we were able to tow the van without cost.  Another blessing of perfect timing?  My daughter was able to get to her performance right before the van died.

I was tempted to ignore that last one, when we were counting our blessings and my daughter brought it up.  I chuckled a little bit and pretty much blew it off as the LEAST of the concerns we’d had over the van (we’d sensed its demise coming for a little while – it had been having trouble for a few weeks.)  But then I realized something: to my daughter, getting to that performance was the GREATEST of her concerns!  And why WOULDN’T God time the break down of our van to make sure she got to her performance?

It’s easy for me to dismiss my children’s desires and dreams because I can see the “bigger picture.”  I can see the fact that my husband was home to help so I wasn’t alone with the kids when it broke down.  I can see the fact that it broke down during the day, and not at night.  I can see the fact that we were in town, with friends and family able to assist us immediately.   But are those things really the bigger picture?  Is my desire not to be stranded in Nashville any more important than my daughter’s desire not to miss her concert?  When God looks at our situation, how does He see it?  In God’s eyes, my daughter’s concerns are no less important than any of mine.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that in some ways, they’re more important.

God’s timing is perfect!


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5 Responses to The perfect way for our van to break down

  1. Luciana says:

    This came at a great time for me… My car has been down for 3 months now.. And all though I sometimes want to question the car’s timing of breaking down and God’s timing of getting it fixed. I have to be very thankful and know that he has brought to me all that I need in this particular time of “strandedness” if that is even a word or proper way to state it. Although it has been humbling to not have a car for 3 months, I have missed out on clients, have to depend on other people, but the bigger picture is he has supplied my needs through this entire ordeal and because of that I am blessed. And being a single parent breaking down probably would be so much easier. lol. So thank u for sharing that I am not the only one. My daughter also had her school choir performance and such that she needed to get to, however, God has considered her needs also by allowing her friends to be generous enough to bring her home and pick her up (she is a junior in high school).

  2. Patti says:

    His timing is perfect, we just don’t always understand why He sometimes takes so long. His time is not ours.

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