Five Little Goats…


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One of the “desires of my heart” is to someday own and farm lots of land.  My dream is to have enough to enable me to give each of our children (who so desire) a section of land to live on, and for all of us to work together in a family farming business.  Recently, I’ve been feeling God asking me to be “faithful with little” and do something with the land we have now.  So recently I started looking into different things we could do on our little acre.  One of the first things that excited me was the possibility of getting a goat (something I’ve wanted for a long time.) As I was looking into this project, I happened to speak with someone who mentioned miniature goats (I had no idea there was such a thing!)  Right away, I felt that this would be something good for us!

We soon settled on Nigerian Dwarf Goats as our preferred miniature breed, because they are easy to find in our area, specifically bred as dairy goats and their milk contains a high level of butterfat (which supposedly makes their milk better than even some of the more popular breeds… which, I’m sure, is purely subjective!)  We found a few breeders and began the process of trying to narrow down which goat we wanted (our plan was to get one doe and one whether, as goats need companionship and whethers [castrated males] are less expensive.) As I was looking at different goats available in our area, it came to my attention that a woman near us was letting her entire herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats go and offering five of them (four females [two of whom are pregnant], and one male) for around what two females would normally cost! We absolutely DID NOT have the money for them, but we knew it was an incredible opportunity and if we sold the goats we didn’t want to keep (we only wanted two), we could recoup all of our costs.

Jon and I talked about it, and I asked him how he felt about me asking my (step) dad to give us a loan for the goats.  Not long before this, he had offered to help us if we ever needed anything and I believed (considering the fact that two of the goats were pregnant) that I could pay him back in a relatively short amount of time.  Jon agreed to let me ask, and as we continued to think about the possibilities, an idea came to us…

What if we DIDN’T sell all the goats, but kept enough of them around so that we could start giving a certain number away each year to families like ours? And what if we kept our buck so that those families would always have a buck to breed their females to, when they were ready for kids (at no cost?) In that way, we’d be providing a family not only with milk from the goat, but also with kids each year that they could either butcher for meat, or sell to make a little extra money.

At this point, I got really REALLY excited. And I prayed and asked God something I almost never ask – I asked him to let me do this (usually I’m much more of a “if it’s your will” kind of person, but I felt SO RIGHT about this, that instead of an “if it’s your will” prayer, I prayed “Lord, please work this out for us!”)

Shortly after this, I discovered that my (step) dad had sent me an email volunteering to pay for one of the goats (at this time, he didn’t know we were considering five of them!) And then when I called him to thank him and told him what we were planning to do, he told me he wanted to pay for ALL of them!  At practically the very moment I was praying, my dad was already preparing to buy them for us!  The really amazing thing about it is that every year he and his wife give money to a charity organization that provides livestock for people (based on the “give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish” principle.) Guess what they always send money for…. goats!!!

And it gets better…. A few days after that, my (biological) dad and my brother gave us the money for our fence!  Then, some of our closest friends offered to make our goat houses and mangers!  (And this story of God’s provision wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add the fact that two more close friends, when they found out about our project, also offered to help us with the money we needed for the goats, at right about the same time my dad was sending his email.)  This entire situation has left me feeling more loved than words can even begin to describe.  My friends and family have gotten excited about this with us and through loving support, encouraging words, manual labor and financial help have made this not just MY project but OUR project!

God asked me to be faithful with little.  And He took my little and multiplied it beyond belief!  In the beginning, we were going to get two goats.  We now have five and more coming this Spring!  And if things go according to plan, there is no telling how far this will go!  One of the best things about this project is the ability for it to multiply exponentially.  If we give X number of does away each year, and request that the families we give them to give away X number, who KNOWS how many lives could be blessed by this little “project?!”  And in many cities, Nigerian Dwarf goats are able to be kept as “pets” without a permit of any type!

The other day, as we were transporting our five little goats, I remembered a word God had given a friend of ours, regarding our family. When we met, he was given a vision/word (I can’t remember which) about five little goats, running up a hill.  At the time, we had five children and assumed that the prophesy referred to them (I still believe it did, in part.)  The thing that now strikes me as funny about this word is that if it DOES have a double meaning (applying to this situation, and to our children,) it couldn’t be more perfect…

We now have five LITTLE (dwarf!) goats!!!

Our one acre farm project has officially begun!


Here they are, loaded up in the back of our fifteen passenger van, headed to their new home!


The morning after their arrival, I woke up to this:

LR 2013-7318

They were SOOOOO excited to get out there and see their new “pets!”

Since then, they’ve been spending time just sitting in the pens, letting the goats get used to them (which they’re already starting to do… one of them bit Bitty’s finger today, thinking she was giving out treats!)

LR 2013-7351


This is our buck.  He’s registered with the name Looney Tunes, but we plan to call him something else.  He’s not friendly (yet) but I absolutely LOVE him:

LR DSC_0064[1]

To give you an idea of how small he is, here he is with our 11 year old:

LR 2013-7364

This is “Goat of Mini Colors” (we just call her Mini.)  She just had a baby a few months ago, so we’re actually able to milk her!

LR DSC_0051[1]

LR DSC_0074[1]


Milking her is quite a project!  We don’t have a milk stand yet (Jon is going to try his hand at building me one this week,) so the first time we did it, Jon set her up in the back of our van, so that I could get to her more easily.  I asked one of the girls to bring me a glass bowl to milk in, and she came out with a CRYSTAL fruit bowl that was given to Jon and I as a wedding gift!  I wasn’t about to wait until she found another one, though!

LR DSC_0080[1]

Our first milking was pretty successful.  Following milkings, however, have gone more like this:

LR 2013-7356


This is Mini Pearl (we call her Pearl.)  She’s probably the most shy of the bunch:

LR DSC_0066[1]

but not too shy to ask for a handout!

LR 2013-7381

Pearl is due to give birth in March.

And this is D’Clair.  She’s our other pregnant girl and is very curious!  She caught on to the feeding routine VERY quickly, giving me a HUGE scare when she got out of her pen (and let Mini out with her) on her second day here!  Thankfully, I had Pearl on a leash and I ran her into the pen (thinking that the others would follow) and the kids were able to chase them back in!  We now have double chains on that pen door!

 LR 2013-7417  LR 2013-7416

This is Kidzy, one of my favorites – she’s the mother of Mini Colors and D’Clair and we brought her home to be a companion for the buck, who is housed separately from the other females:

LR 2013-7337

LR DSC_0061[1]


Every time I go to open the gate, she’s right there at my side and she loves to be petted!

I just love them all and I’m SO THANKFUL to have them here!

LR 2013-7404



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