The Baby Chicks are Here!!!

Here are a few pictures of our newest additions!!!

The Dorkings (who, if all goes according to prayer, will be producing next years meat birds)…

2013-7689 2013-7709

LR 2013-7671

The Penedesencas (at least, we THINK these are the Penedesencas!)  These are our egg-layers…

2013-7719 2013-7731 2013-7743

And just for fun, one of our meat birds this year, the Naked Neck Turken:

2013-7765 2013-7769

They’re kinda cute when they’re little, but not so much when they’re big:


And we have a few more, coming soon!

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One Response to The Baby Chicks are Here!!!

  1. Manuela says:

    oh no….can we photo-shop the last one a little more? That is a turkey though? The chicks are cute. Can’t wait to hold one or two.