The Baby Goats are Here!

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Our girls, D’Claire and Mini Pearl have finally given birth!  Claire gave birth to a pretty little black and white doeling we decided to name Peppy Le Pew (after her great-grandsire, Pepe Le Pew), and Pearl produced an adorable brown and white little buckling we named Cinnamon Swirl (after his champion great-granddam, Cinnamon Red Hots.)  Here they are a few hours after birth:

LR 20130309-DSC_8099

LR 2013--8150

We’ve been bringing the little doe in at night, both so that we could milk mom first thing in the morning and in an effort to get her used to us.  She has become SUPER friendly… she’s small enough to slip through the fence and whenever the kids are playing in the yard, she runs out to play with them!

lr 2013--8218

She’s also gotten quite comfortable in the house, and pretty much walks in whenever she wants, thanks to a little help from the inside:

lr 2013--8188 lr 2013--8203 lr 2013--8211

We haven’t yet brought Cinnamon into the house, we plan to let him get a little bit older before we do this, so we don’t have to bottle feed him (that didn’t go so well with Peppy!)  But we’ve all played with and petted him since the very beginning and he’s just as friendly as Peppy.

They are both absolutely adorable and SO much fun!

  lr 2013--8222 lr 2013--8243 lr 2013--8249     LR 2013--8125

LR 2013--8137


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Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Bowling Green KY
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