I used to be such a good blogger

A friend of mine told me yesterday that she can always tell when I’ve been busy because of the silence on my blog!  Things have been so crazy here, I don’t even really know how to give an update!  But to hit a few highlights…

The girls just had their last recitals of this semester and they did a WONDERFUL job!  I’m so proud of how hard they’ve worked and how much they’ve accomplished.  We’re all going to miss lessons during the break, but looking forward to the time at home, too.  Maybe we can take this time to catch up on our schoolwork… and housework.  :)

Speaking of schoolwork, we just switched to a new curriculum and are LOVING it.  At a friends suggestion, we looked into Sonlight, which is a literature based curriculum.  We love it because we’re learning lessons about history and science through stories, and doing a lot of discussing in addition to written work.  It seems to be a lot like My Fathers World, but not nearly as scripted and feels a lot more flexible to me.  So the kids and I have been doing a lot of reading and we’re enjoying it very much.

One of our sheep just gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl.  We lost the girl despite our best efforts, and mama wasn’t terribly interested in the boy, so we’ve been bottle feeding him (every three hours, around the clock!  Whew!)  He’s sweet and adorable, follows us around everywhere, and I just discovered that he’ll also be one of the most dangerous animals we could possibly have on our little farm when he grows up!  Apparently bottle fed rams (and bulls!) become SUPER aggressive when they hit maturity.  Hard to believe this little guy who sleeps with our kids would one day try to injure them, but we won’t be taking any chances!  As of today, it’s back outside for him, and limited contact with us in hopes that he’ll figure out that he’s a sheep and not a human (or rather, in hopes that he’ll figure out WE’RE humans, and not sheep for him to fight with/mate with!)  Some year when I have time, I’ll try to post some pictures.  :)

We’re milking the mama sheep so that we can have milk for the lamb (and because the more animals I have to milk, the happier I am!)  We’re going to try our hand at making sheep’s butter and cheese soon, and I can’t WAIT to try it – I’ve heard it’s absolutely delicious!

And because I can’t find this information ANYWHERE on the internet… We are milking a Katahdin sheep and in her first week of production, she has given about 16 ounces (half a quart) each day.  I’ll update that every now and then, for anyone else who is trying to figure out how much milk Katahdin sheep give at various stages of their lactation cycle!

I now realize that we got entirely too many chickens and I will be very glad when the meat birds are ready for freezer camp.  That’s all I’m going to say about that, because if I say any more I might just start to cry.

And the last and most exciting news… we’re taking steps toward putting our house on the market and/or trying to purchase some land near us!  We would really like to start raising jersey cows and some type of meat cow in the very near future, and we’ve felt God leading us to start taking steps in that direction!  If you feel led, we’d really appreciate your prayers regarding this – specifically, that we will have ears to hear God’s voice directing us, and the strength, knowledge, and presence of mind to follow where He leads.  There are a LOT of options out there, and we want the one God has for us and no other!

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3 Responses to I used to be such a good blogger

  1. Sara Devine says:

    Wow, what a lot of news from you, Rina! I have to say with everything you do and everything going on in your household (love the lamb and the milk story, by the way), I’m amazed that you can even find any time to blog. Anyway, it was fun reading this blog and bringing us (your readers) up-to-date. You rock!!! Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, too!!! :-)

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