I used to be such a good photographer

Noticing any recurring themes on the blog, lately?  I think I’m going to start titling all of my posts with “I used to be….”

It’s been ages since there’s been any semblance of normalcy around here, and I’m glad that my wonderful, amazing photographer friend Manuela has continued on with our business while I’ve been chasing and wrangling our wild sheep and milking our escape goats (get it?  Escape goats?  bwahahahahahaha!  But not so funny when all seven of them are out to greet you on the back porch at 8:00 in the morning.)  Shameless plug: check out Manuela’s photography blog, here!

I haven’t COMPLETELY stopped taking pictures, though.  I’ve taken a few around our little farm (they’re still on my memory card) and I did recently get to take some pictures of a friend and her beautiful family.  Since I promised her I’d put them on the blog (several days ago,) here they are.  Proof that I am still, on occasion, dusting off my camera.

I’ve known Erin since high school, and back when I was running (self-deprecating emphasis on the fact that I am no longer running), we actually got to run a few races together (and by “together” I mean that we once waved to each other as she was going one direction and me the other after the turn-around point of the 10K loop.  I also saw her after my first half marathon.  Me still running, her in her car headed home.)  Unlike me, Erin is still running even though she’s expecting another little boy soon!   I heard a long time ago that if you’re first two children are the same sex, there is something like a 98% chance that your third will be the same sex as the first two (assuming they’re all born of the same parents.)  Although I’ve never verified that, so far my observations into the lives of others have proven it true (and also in my own life – our first three were girls.)

Erin, thanks for being patient with me as I worked to get these to you!  I’m so glad I got to see you again, and I look forward to running with you again some day!

…I hope.

I used to be such a good runner.


13-04 Gibson-8468 5x7

13-04 Gibson-8440 5x7  13-04 Gibson-8486 5x7

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4 Responses to I used to be such a good photographer

  1. Well, you’re still a good photographer, just maybe a little less frequent photographer! Thanks for the fun update and lovely shots.

  2. Erin says:

    These are beautiful!! Thank you, Rina.

    Yes, we must run together again! I’ve no doubt you’ll be back out there pounding pavement soon!

  3. Vickie says:

    These are really nice pics of Erin’s family!