Blessings Multiply

As I mentioned in my last post, we have six new goats now!  And while I am 100% positive that these goats have been given to us by God, I must admit they’ve caused me a bit of internal struggle.  I’ve discovered that I am EXACTLY like the Israelites, wandering around in the desert. God pours out His blessings over us, and I find myself asking: “GOD! How are we going to afford to keep six more goats?!”  (My husband said once that when he was a new believer, he identified with Moses. But the further he walks with the Lord, the more he identifies with the Israelites!  I can relate.)

Nevertheless, it’s been a big point of prayer for me, lately.  We now have TWELVE goats, EIGHT sheep and 50-some chickens on a one acre plot of land. Technically, we have the space for them (just barely!) but financially there was no way we could take care of them all. Jon and I sat down and figured out how much they would cost us each month, and there was just no way we could do it.  My thought was to have a cookout ;), but Jon really felt we were supposed to wait.

Then a few days ago, as I was putting the baby down for a nap, I started praying again about all of this. As I was praying, there was a lot of “Oh God, I know these animals are from you, and I trust you to provide for them!” on one hand and a lot of “But God! How on earth are we going to do this?!” on the other hand! In the end, though, I really felt convinced that He had a plan in mind and was able to leave the “prayer closet” in peace.

Once the baby was in bed, I went to check the mail.  I think you know where this story is going.  :)  In the mail was a check for the EXACT AMOUNT that we figured up we’d need each month.  Not only that, but the person who sent it (I’m not sure they’d want me to say who) told me they plan to send more each month, and had been planning it for a little while now.  The really crazy thing is that this person had no idea what our need was, and had been considering this before we even knew we were GETTING the goats. Which means…


Today, our neighbor stopped by to tell us he was willing to lease land to us – as much of it as we want that he has available. The funny thing is that we’ve asked him about this before and he has said he wasn’t interested.

God is opening some incredible doors.  I just pray for the wisdom to follow where He leads!


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