Bitty, in brief

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about the kids and I thought it would be fun to write a little bit about our third daughter, in honor of our good friends Brian and Tracey who are always delighted to hear what she’ll think up next, and my brother Shane who hasn’t gotten to meet our kids yet and will probably recognize his big sister in some of this!  Bitty is one of those kids who is a constant source of amusement and entertainment.  Here is a little collection of “bitty-isms” I put together over the last few weeks.  Just random thoughts/happenings that come from our crazy, sweet girl.  :)

Got a dress that doesn’t fit?  No problem:


“Oh, momma, you know what?  I LOVE to sneeze.  I just love it.  It’s my favorite thing.”

Got a bug to kill?  She’s the one to call:


FYI: this particular photo was staged. I asked her this morning to kill a bug and she said “I don’t have anything to kill it with!” I told her to “just find something” and this is what she came up with. I watched her chop it into bits on the kitchen floor, and then asked her to recreate the moment for a picture.

“Momma!  I’m catching those little bugs in the tupperware bucket outside!  They’re my favorite bugs.  They only come out during tadpole season.”

Of all the cute, adorable little chickens we have here, this one is her favorite:


As I was cropping this picture for the blog and zoomed close-up on its face, Bitty walked in and said “oh! That chicken’s cute.”

“Momma, did you know I had a chicken friend?  There’s this chicken… with a puffy head… and I made friends with it!”

Her two most treasured possessions:


She sleeps with this thing


This came from the hunting section of Wal-Mart. No idea what it is, but when she saw it she just HAD to have it. She’s probably had this “toy” for longer than anything else in her life and she wouldn’t part with it for anything.

Just today she built it a nest:


“Daddy, did you know the bible was written way way way before Jesus was born?”

And, of course, she loves her real animals, too (and she’s still a fashonista!)

LR 20130526-DSC_8645

As a baby, this little guy adopted her as is mother and followed her EVERYWHERE.

“We’ve got to take the lamb to the vet.  We’re going to decapitate [castrate] him.”

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