Holy Cow!

Once upon a time (waaaaay back in January) we thought we were really diving off the deep end by purchasing five goats.  Fast forward six months, thirteen goats, eight sheep (now 6, since we traded two for another goat) and sixty-some chickens and we’re ready to jump in again!  We are about to bring home some 1,200 pounds of grass eating, milk giving, fertilizer producing MOOOOOOO.  Allow me to introduce the newest member of our not-so-little herd:


Okay, this is obviously not the ACTUAL cow in question but, I assure you that our cow is JUST as large as this one.  Actually, I’m pretty sure our cow is a good three feet taller than this one, but that could just be the fear awe talking.

Let’s be serious for a moment.

I have never been so terrified of an animal in my life.

It’s not that I’m afraid of the cow herself (her name is Lucy, by the way!)  She was sweet and mild mannered when we “met” the first time, and let me poke and squeeze around where a stranger had no right to be, even though she’d never been hand milked before (she’s from a small dairy nearby and they machine milk.)  It’s that I’m terrified of the thought of her.  The potential energy stored behind one of those massive legs and hooves larger than the spread of my hand.  The hypothetical crashes through the fence she could make without breaking a sweat and the theoretical injuries she could inflect upon her future herdmates whom she outweighs by a good thousand pounds (I imagine when they meet it’s going to look something very much like this):


Make no mistake.  If I want my sweet, pretty Lucy to go left, and my sweet, pretty Lucy wants to go right… we’re going right.

But I’m pretty excited, too!  Once I figure out how we’re going to fence sweet, pretty 1200lb Lucy (I have about two weeks to figure that out, by the way) I think I’ll feel much more relaxed about the whole thing.  Well, as relaxed as I can be, considering that she outweighs me by half a ton.  Oh – and did I mention she isn’t halter broken and, according to her owner, “hasn’t been handled much?”

I haven’t dived off the deep end, this time.  I’ve skydived right into the ocean!

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