He Answers Before We Ask (faithful with little farm, part 5)

(To read the whole story [so far!] of God’s incredible blessings regarding this farm, click Here.)

We had just sat down to pray, when the phone rang.

Jon had called a family meeting to discuss and pray about fencing for our cow.  She’ll be coming in a few weeks, and we basically had two options when it came to housing her.  We could either put her in the 1 1/2 acre lot we’re leasing next to us (which is already fenced) and use the other 1/2 acre lot to house the goats and sheep, or we could put up electric fencing and “mob graze” all the animals together, moving them to fresh pasture daily and thereby increasing their overall health (as multi-species grazing and daily rotation has been shown to do) and decreasing their susceptibility to parasites.  Obviously, we felt that in the long run, putting up electric fence would be much, much healthier than forcing the cow to live on an acre and graze the same grass over and over again (which is also HORRIBLE for the soil and the plants that grow in it, and would only put further strain on ground that has been used for over eight years to house horses and, before that, beef cattle.)

But the 1 1/2 acres were already fenced.  And to put in an electrical fence system that would not only hold in a cow , but also sheep and goats, was going to require a huge financial investment.  And although my (s)Dad had previously offered to help us with the cost of fencing, I did NOT feel good about asking him for such a large amount.

Nevertheless, I did call and left a message when I didn’t reach him, because we had talked about it before and I’d told him I’d let him know what it would cost.

And as we sat down to pray, he called.

Our fencing is taken care of.

In so many ways, I feel overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all that is happening, and all the blessings we have received from family members and amazing friends and even strangers.  I also feel burdened in a way I never have before (not in a bad way… just different.)  Here we are, with so many people loving us and helping us and doing so many amazing things for us, and I really want to do my best for them.  I want to thank those who have loved us and supported us in this by doing everything I can to be the best steward of their blessings I can possibly be.  This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and I am humbled and happy and more grateful than I will ever be able to express.

The kids and I bought this little figurine at the Tractor Supply Store today (when we went to buy our fence!!!)  We’ll be keeping it on the fireplace mantle until Lucy comes home.  :)  We’re so, so excited!!!


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