Chickens Pics

This has been an amazingly hectic, wonderful week!  My friend Manuela came out to the house three times to help me finish the electric fencing (by ourselves!!!  I’m so proud of us!) and clean and organize the kitchen.  I wish I’d taken “before” pictures of the kitchen – the change is awesome, and we’re still not finished!  I’ll get “after” pictures up soon.  :)

I also found out last night that our cow is ready for us!!!  We had her tested for the A2/A2 gene, and the test results just came in positive!!!  If you’re not familiar with the different types of milk proteins (A1 and A2,) I’ll be writing more about it later but for information in the meantime, click Here.)  So our cow is coming soon!  AAAAHHHH!!!!But since our cow isn’t here yet, and our kitchen isn’t finished yet, I thought I’d share some pictures of the chickens I took last week.  Today was SUPPOSED to be the day they all went to freezer camp but weather isn’t going to permit that, so they’re celebrating by sheltering from the rain all over my back porch.  Enjoy it while you can, chickens.  YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

Our buff Orphington (this one might be a female, so he/she will be spared from the cook pot for a little while longer!)

LR-9964 LR-9981

Barred Rock Rooster:


This is one of my favorite birds.  Not sure what breed he is, but I think he might be a Speckled Sussex, so we’ve ordered a few Sussex females in hopes that we’ll have more with this color pattern, after he goes off to camp.  This picture just doesn’t do him justice… his feathers shine blue in the sun, and he’s absolutely gorgeous!

00Here are a few close-ups of his color pattern:


And here are our egg layers.  This is one of our Penedesenca hens (forgive the crummy picture, I couldn’t get her to go into the shade and pose for me under better lighting):

LR-0002She’s another one with a beautiful color pattern.  Here is a close-up:

LR-9991Penedesencas are a rare heritage breed that is perfect for a free-range environment (more information toward the middle of the page, Here.)  We’re hoping to have chicks for sale this fall!

And lastly, our purebred, show quality Ameraucana’s.  We were very blessed to get these birds from Sharon Yorks, a director of the Ameraucana Breeders Club, who is dedicated to breeding for perfect conformation and friendly temperaments.  These are my favorite birds on the farm!  They’re sweet and quiet and absolutely beautiful.  I love to see them pecking around the yard!




Again, these pictures just don’t do these girls justice – I’m hoping to get better ones up soon!

I couldn’t get any pictures at all of the Dorkings.  They kept following me around and I couldn’t get enough distance from them to get a good picture!  Looks like I have another backyard photo shoot coming up!

On an side note, it never ceases to amaze me that of our three adult cats – two of whom regularly manage to catch (and eat) full grown rabbits – not one of them has EVER gone after a chicken… even when they’re baby chicks!  Here are some of them, pecking around for grain, while benevolent little Sweat Pea and her kitten look on.



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