Our Cups Runneth Over!

She’s here!  I can’t believe it – it’s so surreal and WONDERFUL to look out my window and see this:

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She came this afternoon and technically we weren’t completely ready for her, but we managed to get the fence finished just in time and made what we’re going to call a milk sanction for her out of T-posts and pallet wood.  :)

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But really, all my fears about her were completely unfounded.  The moment she got here, I felt like she belonged here.  She didn’t look nearly as big here in our field as she did in that barn the first time I saw her, and both times I milked her today, she acted exactly the same as she did that day, staying perfectly still for me!  Not a kick, not a sideways move, she just stood there patiently while I fumbled around trying to figure out exactly what to do (poor thing, she’s used to being on the milk machine for about five minutes!  I think it took me 20 and I’m still not sure I milked her completely out!)  I think that’s especially impressive, considering the fact that she didn’t even have a grain bucket in front of her (we’ve offered her two different types of grain and she wasn’t interested in either of them.)

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I seriously LOVE this cow.  (Haha, the thought just occurred to me that her name is Lucy.  I love Lucy!)  I love watching her eat grass.  I love hearing her moo.  I love putting my head against her belly while I’m milking her, and the sound of the milk hitting the pail.  To be honest, I like the taste our our goats milk better, but I’m really excited about her milk because Guernsey milk is amazing!

Guernsey milk contains:

12% more protein
30% more cream
33% more vitamin D
25% more vitamin A and
15% more calcium

than average milk and Lucy also tested positive for the A2/A2 gene (we made sure of that before we bought her.)  If you’ve never heard of A1 and A2 milk, a quick explanation is that there are two main forms of cow’s milk protein beta-casein, (known as A1 and A2 beta-casein.) Originally, all cows produced A2 beta-casein, but at some point in history a genetic mutation happened and the A1 form of beta-casein started to show up in dairy cattle and spread throughout dairy herds in Europe and America.  Research links A1 milk to many different health problems and some people who are thought to be lactose intolerant are able to digest A2 milk.  A2 milk is also supposed to be better for those suffering from allergies.  We originally wanted to get a Jersey cow, but the more we read about the Guernsey the more we liked what we found, so we visited a small Guernsey dairy farm near us, and were blessed to find Lucy!

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She gave us about three gallons of milk today and I’m really looking forward to the kids being able to drink milk any time they want to!  (We normally save our milk for cereal days – we can go through an entire gallon for breakfast!)  And making butter!!!  And cheese!  And yogurt!  And maybe even ice cream!  Mmmmm…..

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I’m so incredibly thankful for all the people who helped us bring Lucy home.

All the friends and family members who have supported us with encouraging words, helped watch the kids and put up fencing with us (and puzzled through operating a weed eater and blistered their hands driving in fence posts!)  Those who have supported us financially in so many ways, helped us support the goats and pay for land, donated cattle fencing and hay feeders, payed for electric fencing, and looked at diagrams and spent lots of time on the phone helping us figure out HOW to fence everyone in!  Those who have built things for us and helped us figure out how to build things ourselves (and given us the confidence to try!)  And, of course, to our good friend Alan who bought Lucy for us!!!

There are so many people who have believed in us and supported us in ways I never could have imagined and if it weren’t for them, none of this could have ever happened.  I want to especially thank my step dad and his wife, Janice, because it was lots of long, encouraging conversations with my dad that inspired me to dream!  He has championed me every step of the way, believed in me and encouraged me and cheered me on and helped me in every way possible to make this dream come true.  I am so thankful for the light he sparked in me, and for the everything both he and his wife have done to fan that spark into a flame!

I love you all!  This is truly something we never could have done on our own and I am so grateful for each and every one of you who has helped make this seemingly impossible dream come true!

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