You know it’s going to be a long day when….

(Completely unrelated video, just for fun!)

Jon and I worked all afternoon putting up fencing for the cow’s new rotation (we were also supposed to work on the goat fence but never got to it.) In fact, we didn’t get much of anything done and by the end of several excruciating hours in the sun, we had gotten exactly two T-posts hammered into the ground. Mostly because we were out there having conversations like this:

Jon: “We need the next one to come twenty feet from this fence, right?”
Rina: “Yes, but we have to come twenty feet from the fence at this angle.”
Jon: “Why that angle?
Rina: “Because if we don’t fence it at this angle, the paddock sizes will be off
Jon: “How will they be off?”
Rina: “Because this line doesn’t run parallel to that line. See how it kinda…. does this?” “And then… it kinda…. does that?
Jon: “No.”
Rina: “Look – see the fence? See it go like this… then go like that?”
Jon: “No.”
Rina: “Just look at it! It’s not a square. It goes like this and then it goes like that!”
Jon: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Rina: “Nevermind, just trust me. We need to put the post here.”
Several hours later, we surveyed our work, over a thousand feet of wire woven between more than forty T-posts my husband had positioned according to my specifications. My heart dropped.
Rina: “Oh, Jon, I’m so sorry. I made a mistake. We were supposed to come thirty feet from the fence.”
Jon: “What? Why?”
Rina: “Because this is the lane. See?”
Jon: “No.”
Rina: “Yes, look… see how the fence comes over like this? And then it goes like that?”
Jon: “Why is that a problem?”
Rina: “Because the fence is here, when it should be there.”
Jon: “Why does it have to be there?”
Rina: “Because if you put the cow here, she has to have access to the lane there, and if you put the lane here, the paddocks will be too small.”
Jon: “How would the paddocks be too small?”
Rina: “Because the lane would be here, and then the paddock would start there. And that makes them too small.”
Jon: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Rina: “Nevermind, just trust me. We put them in the wrong place.”
Jon: “I seem to recall trusting you when we put this up. Now you’re telling me all these fences have to come down?”
Rina: “Yes.”
Jon: “And they need to go here, instead?”
Rina: “Well, they need to go a little to the left… parallel to the fence.”
Jon: “What do you mean, parallel to the fence?”
Rina: “Well, the fence has to go like this and then like that.”
Jon: “Huh?”
Rina: I held out my arms. “Look, pretend I’m a T-square.”
Jon: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Rina: “How can you possibly not understand this?”


And while we’re on the subject of stimulating, interesting conversations Jon and I had today… Here’s another fun little chat we had tonight…

J:  What sounds good for dinner?

R:  I don’t know… what do we have?

5 minutes later

J:  I’m going to cook beans and rice for dinner.

R:  Sounds good to me

2 minutes later

J:  I can’t cook beans and rice, the burners are broken.

R:  Oh, I forgot. What else do we have?

5 minutes later

J:  Well, we have a bunch of different stuff, and none of it really goes together. Peppers, onions, oatmeal, a little bit of cheese.

R:  Why don’t we saute the peppers and onions and make rice with gravy? We have chicken broth.

J:  You want to make gravy with cheese and chicken broth? Ew.

R:  Don’t we have flour?

J:  Oh, yea. Okay.

5 minutes later

J:  We can’t make gravy because the burners are broken.

Dear Liza, Dear Liza

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5 Responses to You know it’s going to be a long day when….

  1. yes! this is so true. I always love yours and Jon’s conversations. It is too funny. Obw, Can I cook you guys something?

    • Rina says:

      YES! You can make cheese for us from now on. My incompetence in the kitchen reached new heights today when I started three batches measuring the temperature via celsius instead of fahrenheit. LOL!

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