Faithful with Little


our oldest daughter took this picture and I love it!

“Every time we step out and do the little that we can, God meets us halfway and then does more than we expected.”

I said this to Jon last night, as we were discussing our finances.  They’re a mess!  Things have been crazy around here, with the animals coming (what we think we need and what we ACTUALLY NEED always seem to be in conflict with one another!) and it feels lately like everything in our house is broken beyond repair, in need of repair, or being ignored until it gets to the point where it no longer can be!

So last night, Jon and I were looking at our fiances and we made some decisions that don’t really SEEM like they’re going to help much, but are our way of being “faithful with little” once again.  Then today, we were figuring out how to budget this weeks paycheck when I realized that because of several amazing blessings over the past week, we have EXACTLY what we need to pay for the things the animals need right now, and even a little extra for some things that have been on our waiting list, (like that diamond studded neon pink cow halter we’ve had our eye on!)  ;)

So I want to say thank you to everyone who helped us out this week!  The unexpected photo shoot and the purchases of produce, the friends who helped us fix our toilet and butcher the chickens and get my kitchen organized, and the check that arrived in the mail just for support – you know who you are.

I know it sounds cliche to say it, but when you support small businesses, you really ARE helping to support families!  There are many people who have helped to support ours, and I’m so very thankful!

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