Goodbye, Crane

LR 13-07 0529

This week, we found an injured crane in our field and Bitty was able to catch it (of course it was Bitty who caught it!)  This crane (or several cranes, I don’t know) has been a part of our lives since we first moved here.  I’ll never forget the first time we saw one in the pond behind our home – it was our first experience with wildlife in the country and it was beautiful!  Since then, every time – EVERY TIME – the crane comes to visit, the kids all call through the house “the crane is here, the crane is here!” and we all go to the windows to see.  So it was really sad to see him like that, and even more sad when we discovered from the animal sanctuary that he didn’t make it.  He will be greatly, greatly missed.

Speaking of animal sanctuaries I want to mention the amazing people from Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary who took our crane.  They were amazing – not only did then send someone out here to come and get him (her?) but they also asked if they could bring him back here for release, if he did well in rehab.  The people at Broadbent take in all types of animals and they are passionate about their care.  As a former dog rescuer (whose contact information is apparently still floating around the web somewhere), I’m often called about injured or orphaned wildlife and I’m glad to finally have somewhere to send them.

Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary
[email protected]
(270) 547-4200

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